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Doobert Transport of the Week: Transport of 8 dogs

This week, the transport of the week is not one animal, but eight! Cruisin’ Critters Transport successfully transported eight dogs this past weekend.

The first two were Cyra and Brittany. They were found scared and hiding in a drainage ditch right before the storms in Texas. Both dogs were underweight and fearful, but Cruisin’ Critters Transport had a grimage1 (2)eat group of volunteers who were able to catch them, and bring them straight to ISO boarding to be checked out, dewormed, vaccinated and prophylactically given meds for KC. They stayed in ISO until the night before their transport, and left Dallas Saturday morning.  Cyra and Brittany’s attitudes went from completely panicked, in fear and needing to be carried outside, to happy puppies seeking any attention.  Cruisin’ Critters Transport has a vet they work with in Dallas that graciously kept them informed every day with updates on Cyra and Brittany.

Ellie, Mae and Jethro were also on this transport. These three came to be known as ‘The Beverly Hillbilly’s’ throughout the transport. They were in a very rural pound as strays. The shelter they were living in has no public access and does not advertise the dogs they have in the shelter.  A volunteer went into the shelter where they saw Ellie, Mae and Jethro while picking up another dog. They pulled the three for Cruisin’ Critters. Ellie, Mae and Jethro were feral acting and did not want anyone near them. A foster took them home and then the storms hit in Texas. The foster tried to bring them back to the shelter the following Monday to get altered, but no one could get there because of rising flooIMG_3247d waters. The foster kept them and socialized with them to the point of them being like typical puppies, and was able to get rid of their “feral” behavior.

A couple of dogs had to be held back from this run.  Kassie, who was a stray in Houston, had a severely broken leg, who may need amputation. Kassie is 18 months old and a total sweetheart who acclimated to her foster but could not make the trip due to a distemper outbreak in Houston. Kassie needed to have a special distemper serum administered over 36 hours and was also put on antibiotics as she had come from the infected shelter as a preventative measure.

Brenna was the last dog and she was found in the same shelter as Kassie. Brenna was pregnant and they knew that she would have puppies any day. Everyone on the transport was hoping that she could make the trip before the babies came. Unfortunately, the babies had a different idea and they were ready to see the world early.  A couple of days after Brenna was pulled from the shelter, she gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies.  All received the same distemper serum over 36 hours, and antibiotics since they were in the infected shelter. 
These eight fur-babies were moved from Texas to Wisconsin this past weekend.

A big thank you to Cruisin’ Critters Transport and all of the volunteers who helped make this transport possible and successful!








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