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Episode 13 – Jenny Vandermeer

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Jenny Vander Meer is a passionate animal rescuer and is the founder and president of R.A.V.E. Rescue, a foster based organization located in Osceola, Missouri.  Jenny is a pillar in animal rescue in her community of <1,000 people and has made a name for herself by taking on some of the most difficult cases including special needs animals, dogs with a bite history and just about every situation the local shelter does not have the resources to handle.  From providing pet food assistance, to engaging and teaching the next generation about the importance of spay & neuter, Jenny’s passion for animals knows no bounds and she’s always excited and open to welcoming new members to the wonderful world of rescue. To learn more about Jenny and R.A.V.E. Rescue you can visit their website, or you can find them on Facebook here,

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