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Episode 14 – Uttam Kafle

14 Uttam Kafle_FB

14 Uttam Kafle_FB


On today’s episode, we’re speaking with Uttam Kafle all the way from Nepal. Uttam is a vegetarian by birth and has worked as a teacher, media house manager, graphic designer and business entrepreneur before joining Animal Nepal in 2012. He is now the Executive Director of this fast-growing animal welfare organization. During his time with Animal Nepal, the equine outreach program has expanded to 4 districts of Nepal and they have obtained a Memorandum Of Understanding with the sub-metropolitan city of Lalitpur, to work on a humane dog population management program together. He tells us how he got started in animal rescue, programs of Animal Nepal, how they involve the community and more! To learn more about Uttam and Animal Nepal you can visit their website,

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