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Filter out your volunteers by giving them certain permissions | How to Manage Volunteer Users?

How to Edit Volunteer Permissions

The best way to be productive at work is by choosing the best amongst the best. When you have the best team, you will have a more efficient way of being successful in whatever common goal your organization has.


Managing your volunteers is a great way to filter out who is qualified to work with your organization. With Doobert, you have full control when it comes to giving permission to your volunteers. Here’s how to do it. 


How to Edit Volunteer Permissions?


Step 1: On your organization dashboard, click the More tab then select Shortcuts.

Step 2: Click People Permissions.


Step 3: On the Manage Volunteer Users Page, click Add Volunteer Permission.

Step 4: Search for your volunteer you want to modify permissions and select their name. Click Continue.


Step 5: On the pop-up window, select which permissions you’d like this volunteer to have. Click Invite User.


Step 6: You will also notice that you can block a volunteer from your organization from this pop-up as well. Click Block to blacklist your selected volunteer.


It’s pretty easy right. You can edit these volunteer permissions at any time. 


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