Forgot Password releases Expedia-like search. A first in animal rescue!

PEWAUKEE, Wis. – June 22, 2018 is proud and excited to announce its latest feature, the first ever animal rescue transport search function!

Now animal rescues and shelters across the United States & Canada can quickly search for shelter, commercial or volunteer transports to find animal rescue transports for their dogs and cats that are needing to go places.  Whether they are needing to send animals from an overcrowded shelter to a place where they can be adopted, or sending an animal directly from an organization to an adopter, is the only online software facilitating animal rescue relay transport.

Take advantage of this great new feature by either booking a seat on an existing transport or create your own route and take reservations. supports currently supports over 19,000 volunteers and over 700 animal rescue and shelter organizations across the United States and Canada working to help save more animals.

To sign-up and for more information please visit

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