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Animal Rescue of the Week: Episode 56 – God’s Feral Felines

God's Feral Felines

God's Feral Felines

God’s Feral Felines did not start out as an organization. In October 2013, a few friends got together to fix a colony of about 45 cats at a local Walmart. They were actually pawning jewelry to pay the vet. That morphed into God’s Feral Felines. December 31, 2013, they became a non-profit in the state of Alabama and in 2014 they received their 501(c)3. They started out as strictly a TNR organization. When they received a 3K private donation they asked the donor if they could use that to help low-income households get their cats fixed. They started offering lower cost spays and neuters for low-income families. In 2016, a PetSmart opened in neighboring city Albertville. The manager, David Van Sleet, contacted them about being an adoption partner and so their kitten rescue program was born. In late 2019, Dr. Brown, a local veterinarian, gave them the opportunity to lease out his old vet office and now they are in the process of opening a kitten rescue shelter. The grand opening is 4-4-2020. 2019 was their highest amount yet for cats fixed. Among all 3 programs they spayed and neutered 646 cats. Since their inception through the end of 2019, they have fixed 2682 cats/kittens.


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