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Episode 138 – Kelly Thyssen & Tabitha Blewett

Kelly Thyssen & Tabitha Blewett

Kelly Thyssen & Tabitha Blewett

Today we have a dual interview for you with both Kelly & Tabitha. Kelly has been in the animal welfare field for over 14 years, primarily working as an animal control officer in Central Texas. Over her career, she also worked as a kennel manager for a private, no-kill animal shelter, a veterinary technician for a small animal hospital, and worked for the Texas Department of State Health Services Zoonosis Control Program.

Tabitha has over 19 years of experience in the field of animal care and animal services. While residing in California she worked as the education director for a non-profit wildlife rescue organization with a special focus on large cats. She also worked for private animal boarding and training facilities in the San Diego area, as well as for the North County Humane Society.

Together they run the Humane Educators of Texas providing animal control officers with state-approved Continuing Education (CE). Humane Educators of Texas strives to change the public opinion of Animal Control Officers from simple dogcatchers to dignified and respectable professionals who serve as resources to their communities for animal-related issues.


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