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How to Sell Fostering a Cat to a Skeptic

How to Sell Fostering a Cat to a Skeptic

How to Sell Fostering a Cat to a Skeptic

Sometimes, cat fostering can be a hard sell. It can be a challenge to convince others regarding the joy and fulfillment that comes from fostering a cat. Maybe they’ve never had a cat, claim to be allergic to cats, or simply heard a lot of misconceptions about our feline friends.

BUT, maybe they just need someone to debunk the myths and coach them on where and how to begin. With that being said, here are a few things that you can throw into the conversation to help bring more cat fosters to the cause by selling your friends and family on why they should start fostering a cat.


1. It’ll be like the cat isn’t even there. 

Most people are hesitant to foster any animal, including cats, because they’re afraid of not knowing what to expect. They don’t want to end up taking a foster pet home and getting more than they bargained for. However, fostering a cat can help them to get over their fear of commitment. It’s not like fostering a dog where they need to be walked all the time. Fostering a cat is easy because, likely, they won’t even see the cat all that often…at least at first.

How to Sell Fostering a Cat to a Skeptic


2. They don’t need to be potty trained.

If there’s one thing we love most about owning or fostering cats, it’s the fact that they come pre-potty trained. From birth, they have this instinctive need to bury their unmentionables and do their business in the backroom, out of sight. Other than that, technology has made cleaning the litter box a thing of the past, so they can strike that off the list of excuses.

How to Sell Fostering a Cat to a Skeptic


3. The costs are a tax write-off.

Yes, really! Of course, we’re going to tell you to check with your local tax accountant to be sure, but if you’re serving as a volunteer cat foster for a local animal shelter that’s a recognized 501(c)(3) public charity by the IRS, your unreimbursed expenses can be tax-deductible. This includes the cost of pet food, pet supplies, and veterinary care. You can even deduct 14 cents for every mile of a shelter-related trip!

How to Sell Fostering a Cat to a Skeptic


4. No pest control? No problem!

Did you know that there are programs that encourage barn or farm owners to adopt feral cats to help with pest control, given their innate tendency to hunt and kill pests? This saves the felines from getting euthanized in shelters and allows them to have permanent homes where they’re fed and cared for.

How to Sell Fostering a Cat to a Skeptic

However, feral or not, cats are hardwired to prey on destructive critters, so fostering a cat can help you get rid of your recurring (feel free to insert the appropriate noun here) problem. So whether June bugs, mice, or even the abundance of earbud cords, your temporary feline foster friend is sure to help keep things under control!


Do you have a convincing argument that you’ve used to convince someone to be a cat foster?

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