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Jax, Champ and Baxter

Jax was a last-minute add on and quite a surprise when came lumbering out of Andrea’s SUV. He was a very big and very beautiful black lab! He’s about 8 months old and probably close to 90 lbs. He and Baxter,  an older black lab mix got into it during Andrea’s leg so we opted to have him ride in the 2nd row with my husband and we put Baxter and Champ in the 3rd row as they got along well.

Both Champ and Baxter were miserable alone in the back. We finally pulled off the highway and I brought Baxter upfront with me. Poor guy was so happy he literally fell asleep sitting up and leaning on the front seat. As for Champ he was thrilled to sit with Carl. All pups slept the entire leg after that and I must admit I’m guilty of going a little under the speed limit as they were so peaceful and I was in no hurry to end the wonderful zen moment we were all enjoying.

I know it’s not always possible but I would encourage fellow volunteers to bring someone along with them. The animals seem to better when they have someone that can give them undivided attention and that’s not possible if one is driving. Just a suggestion.

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