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Wearable Light Therapy With Many Health Benefits for Dogs │ Coolvio

Wearable Light Therapy With Many Health Benefits for Dogs │ Coolvio

Most dogs love the outdoors. With the weather and climate getting warmer and warmer, they’re more likely to run around the dog park and lay in the grass. Along with their love for the outdoors, they are being exposed more to the sun – which is harmful and could potentially cause health troubles like heatstroke, skin damage, and dehydration. 

Suppose you have plans to take your dog out to the beach. Take specific safety measures to lower your dog’s risk of developing severe sun-related medical problems. One excellent product that provides adequate UV protection is the Coolvio Light Therapy Dog Shirt! 


Coolvio Patented Fabric Technology

Wearable Light Therapy With Many Health Benefits for Dogs │ Coolvio

“There are people out there that aren’t aware of how much of a risk it is that dogs can overheat.”

People tend to forget that dogs can also overheat. While dogs don’t appear to be sweating or are always booming with energy, that doesn’t mean they are safe from the harsh glares of the sun. Like humans, dogs also require safety measures to shield them from the heat. 

The idea behind Coolvio emerged when one of the co-founder’s dog overheated during a supposed day out on the beach. Linda Coad had an idea that fateful day – she wrapped her shirt around Audrey and observed if it’ll make any difference. To her surprise, it did! Audrey cooled down significantly and sprung back to her overjoyed and Frisbee-loving self. 

Linda went over the idea with Remi, Coolvio’s other co-founder, and together they created the company and developed their first product, the bArctic apparel line. This dog shirt’s patented fabric technology converts sunlight into healthy red and near-infrared light. These light wavelengths are emitted from the shirt’s fabric and penetrate deep into the dog’s skin, activating the body’s cellular energy and providing various health benefits. 

“The cooling and the health benefits are huge.”


Maximizing Comfort and Health with Light Therapy 

Wearable Light Therapy With Many Health Benefits for Dogs │ Coolvio

Coolvio’s fabric offers several benefits and applications. It is a cooling light therapy shirt that relieves dogs from the hot weather. At the same time, it also minimizes the risk of overheating, provides an extra layer of warmth during cool temperatures, and offers UV protection.

“It is the same light that veterinarians use in a variety of health benefits that they use in laser treatment.”

Even after an hour under the sun, the light therapy shirt keeps your dog cool even without using water! The innovative fabric of Coolvio can offer dogs year-round wellness and health benefits of red and near-infrared light in cooler conditions while minimizing sun-related risks. 


Coolvio aims to educate people about sun-related medical risks and offers products to help with those issues. Currently, it only has the bArtic fabric and apparel line. Fortunately, Coolvio is already gearing up to release a new apparel line – the Equine line. Visit their official website to stay tuned with their future products and releases! 

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