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AI + Human Vet and Pet Tracker Ensures Your Pets’ Safety 24/7 | Maven Pet

Maven Pet AI Human Vet Pet Tracker Ensures Pet Safety

All the good things for your pet right in the palm of your hands!

From pet technology to your pets’ safety, Maven Pet provides you with an AI + personal vet you can rely on for your pets’ well-being.

According to Guilherme Coelho, founder of Maven Pet,

Maven Pet is the first AI + human veterinarian that knows if your pet is safe and healthy 24/7. What we’ve built is this comprehensive and multisensory unit that collects data about our pets. And then we gathered the human expertise on the veterinarian side with artificial intelligence to ensure that your pet is safe 24/7.”

Maven Pet: Not Your Standard Pet Tracking App

maven pet is not your standard pet tracking app

As someone who has been working in the pet space for the last five years or so, Guilherme, who goes by his nickname “G”, has led Maven Pet to become the first tech-enabled pet care startup in the world.

With a goal to leverage data to act preventively on pets’ health, G added that Maven Pet is not just a standard pet tracking app.

On the contrary, it offers 24/7 pet care and round-the-clock expert help so you can track your animal companions’ safety and well-being.

The pet tracker also comes with a vet portal. This is where their clinical team, with the help of AI, can keep an eye on your pets all day, every day.

This enables their clinical team to immediately engage with you to further assess the situation should they find something suspicious or wrong in your pets.

At the end of the day, therefore, what Maven delivers is a peace-of-mind service not just for you but also for your pet.

“Pets don’t talk, right?… So, we can leverage technology to give a voice to our pets. And that’s our mission: to give voice to our pets,”

G said.

How Maven Pet Works


how maven pet works

The app comes with a smart collar that goes into the pet’s neck. This allows you and the Maven Pet team to monitor your animals’ activity throughout the day.

G elaborated on the hardware aspect of the physical product,

“We build like a digital twin of your pet. We added a microphone in it as well so we can track if your pet is barking or if your cat is meowing. There’s also another device (an Alexa kind of device)…that is basically the data gateway. And we added a temperature and humidity sensor as well. The goal here is to track heat stroke, which is a huge problem in the United States and one of the biggest causes of sudden death in pets.”

maven pet website

As for the mobile app, Maven Pet actively engages with the user to collect a comprehensive data set about their pets through their wellness profiles and virtual checkups.

This way, G can help other pet parents to avoid the helpless feeling he felt when his dog, Tommy, suffered from joint disease problems.

“There was nothing I could do about it anymore because it was already too late… So, I always questioned the possibility of using technology to understand, as early as I could, if there were changes to Tommy’s behavior.”

using technology to ensure your pets' safety

Now, after spending a couple of years developing the product. G has made it possible to use their technology for both dogs and cats.

“Our expectation is that, as we scale, as we monitor different pets, we can learn something new that is not known in the industry as well today,”

G said, closing the podcast.



Learn more about Maven Pet!

Visit their website at

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