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From The Heart of Dixie to The Peach State

Meet Dani and Gully!

Gully was found by a hunter about 1.5 miles into the woods in a rural part of Semmes, Alabama.  He was found in a gully where people commonly dump their trash. Gully was buried in the trash and the local hunter heard his cry. At this time, Gully was about 5 weeks old when he was found.  The hunter did not see Puppy from Alabama and Georgiaany other puppies alive.  This lead everyone to think Gully was left there as trash. Gully spent three weeks in a foster home where he was properly fed, met other dogs and received unconditional love.

After visiting the vet, they believe Gully is an Australian Shepherd mix. Gully is fluffy and soft with a personality to match! At his foster home, Gully discovered a love for bean bags where he sleeps, hides his toys and takes it all over the house!

Dani was found on the side of the road in Mobile, Alabama. She had been hit by a car and left on the side of road to fend for herself. A partner of VT Dog Rescue in Alabama is a veterinarian who is devoted to helping rescue dogs. She was in the area and saw Dani on the ground. She did not know if Dani was dead or alive so she pulled over to help. By some miracle, Dani did not have any broken bones or internal injuries. She had been dragged by the car that hit her and had the equivalent of road rash. Today, Dani’s struggles are shown by patchy areas where new fur is growing in.

Puppy from Alabama and GeorgiaDani is a 3-4 month old Lab mix with a slender build and long legs. She is very affectionate and social with other dogs and people. Dani did well in her foster home where she was crate trained. She is said to be a motivated dog which will make her a great fit for a family.

Gully and Dani traveled over 400 miles from Mobile, Alabama to Ellijay, Georgia. Thanks to VT Dog Rescue and all of the volunteers on this transport, Gully and Dani have the chance at a new life.

VT Dog Rescue is a non-profit dog rescue. Their approach to the adoption process is friendly, warm, compassionate & understanding where they care about their dogs and are thankful for the adopters & fosters. With so many rescue organizations judging adopters, VT Dog Rescue strives to be the breath of fresh air, the rebels who rock the boat, and a rescue with a heart and soul dedicated to placing homeless dogs in loving homes. To learn more about VT Dog Rescue you can go here.


VT Dog Rescue

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