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Mr Mack’s final ride

I was asked last minute to fill in on a leg that had someone drop out. I immediately said yes. I had been trying for years to recruit my sister to be a fellow Dooberter and she had just signed up so this was the perfect opportunity to show her the ropes.

We went and picked up 11 year old sweet little Mack in Waco. The trade-off went seamlessly. We put Mack and his huge bed and toy in the backseat and my Sister climbed in beside him to comfort him on our leg of the journey. Within ten minutes she was trying to figure out how to take him home instead. She was smitten. I convinced her he had a new home already waiting for him so she finally said ok. We drove him to Fort Worth Texas to give him to the next transport. Both of us cried as he drove away.

Each one steals a little piece of your heart. They are all so sweet and special in their own way. My Sister loved the experience and cannot wait to do it again. It takes a village. Praying sweet little Mack loves his new home as much as we loved him!!! Kayla Griggs and Tammy Lee

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