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Late fall 2018 I assisted in a launch of one of Chris’s Dreams of Hand-off Captures.  The excitement has been HUGE on the side of Transport Orgs, Rescuing orgs, and of course all the transport drivers.  BUT we need more photographer engagement! Especially in making the Video Photo-Stories that bring it full circle.

View the 2-minute vlog

Hand-off Capture process – SHARE it everywhere!

Onto the post-production…

If you haven’t yet seen a sample of what a Video Photo Story looks like, view one of mine here:

Basically, this is a slideshow set to music which tells the story of the animal on their rescue-relay transport.

What do you need?

  1. Internet access to download all the transport photos.
  2. Photo editing program or app to make the Montages/Collages simply called “slides”.
  3. Video Editing software or app – I use shareware from NCH called PhotoStage Slideshow Producer.
  4. YouTube channel (or similar) to upload your final videos.
    • This also gives you access to YouTube’s free music library for soundtracks. There are other royalty free music soundtrack suppliers, but many cost a subscription.

Let’s connect!

Are you looking for a tutorial roundtable webinar on how to put this all together? I’m here to answer all your questions & help you navigate the way with the skills and equipment that you have access to!


Build your Photographer Profile TODAY!

Love & Cheers,


visit me anytime at: BlueJ Imagery & Art


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