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National Puppy Day

Today is National Puppy Day! Today we spend a little more time celebrating the cuteness and joys that puppies bring us. It is also a day to raise awareness for puppies that need homes and to educate the public about puppy mills.

National Puppy Day was founded in 2006 by Colleen Paige, Celebrity Pet & Home Lifestyle Expert and Author. Since this day started it has become an international trend that works toward improving the lives of animals.

There are so many ways to celebrate National Puppy Day! Here are just a few:

  1. Adopt a puppy from your local shelter, rescue or pure breed rescue organization.
  2. Donate money, food and toys to your local shelter.
  3. Write your Congressman and ask that he/she support the ban of Puppy MiChocolate Lab Puppy lls in your state.
  4. Assist an ill or elderly neighbor by walking their puppy.
  5. Have a puppy party and invite all your friends and their puppies!
  6. Host a community event to raise money for your local animal shelter.
  7. Volunteer at your local shelter and offer to walk a puppy or play with a puppy, clean cages or anything else they need help with.
  8. Buy your puppy a fun, new puppy toy.
  9. Give your puppy some fun exercise by taking him or her to puppy daycare.
  10. Throw out all your chemical cleaners and purchase non-toxic cleaners for your home to keep your puppy cancer-free!
  11. Puppy-proof your home and yard with a “puppy safe” inspection.
  12. Pledge to walk your puppy every day for proper health and behavior management.
  13. Microchip & I.D. Tag your puppy so the shelter can locate you if he gets lost.
  14. Pledge to never chain your puppy to a tree or doghouse. Always include your puppy in your family by letting them live inside the home with you.
  15. And last but not least – pledge to never yell at or hit your puppy…to be patient and kind and give your puppy lots of love and praise every day.

Find more ways to celebrate here!

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