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Why animal rescue transport is the new black


What is the new black of animal rescue?

“The new black” is an idiom of sorts in fashion, because wearing black is fashionable (black goes with everything).  Animal rescue relay transport has grown in popularity over the years and now it seems that everyone is doing it.  Animal Transport is the “in” thing to do because you can help out animals and animal rescues by providing a valuable service of pet transport, and still be home in time for dinner or your kid’s baseball game.  We believe this is a good thing that rescue transport has become the new “black” because rescue relay transport truly does go with everything.

  • Going to grandma’s house this weekend?  You can get partnered up with a rescue animal that needs a ride.
  • Driving across country on vacation or to take your kids to college?  We can help you find animals that need rescue relay transport in the same direction.
  • Want to help out the seniors in your community?  Volunteer to pick their animals up and take them to the vet.
  • Like to help out animal shelters?  Drive the animals to and from adoption events at local pet stores.

Technology to the rescue…animal rescue that is.

Getting started in animal rescue transport is easy thanks to technology.  With Doobert, you simply create your profile with a zip code and distance from your zip that you want to be notified of transport for, and then you sit back and wait for the magic to happen.  The Doobert system will automatically email you when relevant transports are coming through your area (both ground and aviation) so that you can choose to volunteer to help with the transport.  There are even transport groups on Facebook, one for every state in the U.S. that you can join to find transport opportunities.  Simply type <<STATE>> Transport Group and you’ll be able to join in and comment back if you can help with a particular transport leg in the journey.
So the question is, what will be the NEXT new black in animal rescue?

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