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Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day

Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day falls on September 13, 2016, and was initially created by David Rogers of the MBJungle Foundation two years ago. The day is dedicated to addressing pet birth defects, including the importance of prevention, treatment, and methods of identification.

These specific categories of pet health issues are not as widely talked about as they should be, so we’d like to take this opportunity to raise awareness about the pets that have many challenges, both physically and mentally. Abnormalities can be present at birth or show up later in the animal’s life, and the mental health of pets can greatly be impacted by an owner’s own actions.



Founder David Rogers and Millie’s Personal Story:

Two months after David Rogers was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, he was gifted an applehead Chihuahua named Millie. Rogers says, “My little puppy Millie was the first dog I ever got, and she gave me so much support to get me out of bed every day.”


Millie has an eye condition known as eye proptosis, an illness in which the eyes bulge out of the head. Eye proptosis is not a birth defect, however bringing Millie to emergency surgery increased Rogers’ compassion for animals and those who have to deal with like illnesses on a daily basis.

After his own experiences and research about pet health, Rogers soon learned that many common human mental illnesses such as anxiety, compulsive disorders, and depression, can also be found in pets. For example, “In dogs, symptoms of psychiatric diseases range from compulsive tail chasing and excessive licking to loss of appetite and lethargy.”



Thanks to Rogers, we can all celebrate the special animals in our lives, as well as become more educated and aware of potential health issues that some pets may possess.



Does your pet have a birth defect or mental illness? What have you done to help aid your pet’s condition? Let us know in the comments!

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