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Pet Homemade Food For Every Canine And Feline | Holistic Vet Blend

Pet Homemade Food For Every Canine And Feline | Holistic Vet Med

Since childhood, Dr. Dolores “Dody” Tyneway Robi, DVM, has wanted to become a vet. She started working at a vet clinic when she turned thirteen. During her stay at the vet, she noticed how some animals did not respond to treatments.

She then decided to study more about herbal medicine and focus more on helping cats and dogs achieve a healthier lifestyle. And fast forward to now, she’s still very much passionate and active in her company selling pet homemade food.

The Natural World Has More To Offer

Pet Homemade Food For Every Canine And Feline | Holistic Vet Med

“We’re really doing a terrible job with nutrition in pets.”

Dr. Dody mentioned that obesity is one of the diseases that are common in both humans and animals. She emphasizes how humans are aware of the adverse effects of processed foods, yet they think it is acceptable to feed their pets the same.

“I really believe that it’s the diet that’s creating an unhealthy playing field in contributing to all the allergies that we’re seeing.”

She knew there were many healing systems available out there. By merging her years in traditional medicine and expertise in pet care, she developed the Holistic Vet Blend.

This product provides a healthier solution for pets to eat highly nutritious meals. In addition, it empowers pet owners to choose organic food with the necessary vitamins and minerals to balance their pet’s diets.

Quick And Easy Pet Homemade Food and Snacks For Pets

Pet Homemade Food For Every Canine And Feline | Holistic Vet Med

Most pet owners believe it would take too long to make their own pet food. But in reality, Holistic Vet Blend can take less time than driving to the pet store. In fact, there’s a testimonial from a consumer that says they prepared the meal for less than fifteen minutes only.

You can purchase four Holistic Vet Blend premixes on the website. There is also an available Icelandic Blend Omega – 3 Fish oil to maintain your pet’s healthy skin, coat, and nervous system.

For instance, you can cook the product meat, add water or bone broth, or egg — whatever you have in the fridge. On top of that, the meal you are preparing is full of natural ingredients, such as calcium and other essential vitamins.

If you want to know more about pet homemade food or pet nutrition in general, you may check out Dr. Dody’s youtube channel. She also gives a complimentary pet cookbook to help you create simple, vet-approved meals for cats and dogs.

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