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Cat and Dog Store Offers All-Natural Spice Blends for Pets | Luvafoodie

Luvafoodie Dog Store Offers All-Natural Spice Blends for Pets

With many pet parents nowadays thinking of their animal companions as part of their family, it’s no surprise that cat stores and dog stores like Luvafoodie are responding to the rising demand for better pet nutrition.

As per Michelle Mazzara, the CEO and owner of Luvafoodie,

“Pet owners love their pets and are always looking for healthy, nutritional supplements to help aid in their dog’s or cat’s nutrition. So, I want to help boost pet nutrition by supplementing animals’ diets with natural herbs.”

This mission would then pave the way for the development of a line of natural pet supplements that would make Luvafoodie the first company to enter the category marketed for dogs and cats.

How Luvafoodie Started

Michelle created the Dog Lovers All-Natural Spice Blends and the Cat Lovers All-Natural Spice Blends product lines three and a half years ago in response to a painful experience she had as a pet parent.

“I had a dog, a senior dog, Little Lucy… She became ill, Chris, and she had her first seizure. And so, I took her to the vet that I had taken her to for many years. And the veterinarian said, ‘Oh, but she’s got brain cancer. You need to put her down.’”

Not one to give up at the first sight of obstacles, Michelle decided she’d do everything in her power to fight for her dog’s well-being.

“I started researching on how you can stimulate dogs’ appetite. Because as you probably know, as dogs and cats become older and become senior dogs and cats, they become finicky in what they eat. You have to sometimes change up their diet a lot. They have cognitive issues, and they can have digestive issues. So, I started doing a lot of research, and I found out that giving you dogs and cats certain herbs can help stimulate their appetite. It can help their digestive issues, can help with their cognitive issues,”

she shared.

Luvafoodie Dog Store Offers All-Natural Spice Blends for Pets

Using five natural spices that humans sometimes consume when they fall ill (i.e., basil, parsley, cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric), Michelle succeeded in producing all-natural, herb-based pet supplements for her canine companion.

“And what’s interesting, Chris, is I started giving it to Lucy, and she started eating again… The product actually stimulates her appetite, and it smells so, so good that your dog will want to eat their food. I actually have a lot of customers that their dog will not eat their food without Dog Lovers mixed in it…”

Luvafoodie for Both Senior and Younger Dogs

Although Michelle mainly developed the Dog Lovers and Cat Lovers lines for her aging dog, she was upfront in saying that these items can also provide a boost of nutrition for even younger pups.

She also added that pet parents can even create human recipes using Dog Lovers and Cat Lovers spice blends and safely eat the food.

“For anyone who wants to know in detail what are the benefits and the benefits of each herb, it’s in the brochure. For example, basils are anti-inflammatory and may help fight cancer. Parsley is a breath freshener, soothes the stomach. It’s a source of flavonoids, antioxidants, and vitamins,”

Michelle said, reading the product brochure.

Luvafoodie Dog Store Offers All-Natural Spice Blends for Pets

Luvafoodie also takes pride in the fact that its all-natural, herb-based spice blends have the ability to aid in the treatment of some of the diseases associated with dogs and cats. However, the company website was also explicit in saying that these spice blends are not meant to replace any dog or cat food.

Although the blends’ premium aroma and taste may make pets want more, Luvafoodie recommends giving Dog Lovers and Cat Lovers only once a day and mixing them with wet dog food and wet cat food.

The company also advises pet parents to take into consideration their dogs’ and cats’ weight when determining the amount of spice blend to use.

“We recommend that pet owners consult with their veterinarian before using our spice blends… Luvafoodie’s new Dog Lovers and Cat Lovers spice blends are only meant to supplement your puppy’s or kitty’s diet by boosting it with nutrition derived from natural herbs,”

its website reads.


Learn more about Luvafoodie!

Visit their website at

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