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Animal Shelter of the Week: Episode 63 – Santa Fe Animal Shelter

Santa Fe Animal Shelter

Santa Fe Animal Shelter

Since 1939, the Santa Fe Animal Shelter (SFAS), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, supported mostly through public donations, has been dedicated to its mission: support animals, save lives, and spread compassion. They are northern New Mexico’s largest open-admission, no-kill shelter. SFAS focuses on accessible spay and neuter programs, creative adoption efforts, and over a dozen community programs and initiatives. Located on a 100-acre campus complete with walking trails and play yards for daily enrichment for our shelter residents, SFAS also provides to the public; single and multi-use dog parks, training classes, and the Thaw Animal Hospital, a full-service veterinary clinic that offers affordable, high-quality veterinary services. The Santa Fe Animal Shelter was built by this community, for the community – a place to find joy with the animals. Today, tomorrow and always.



Instagram: @sfanimalshelter

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