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Giving Back To Heroic Military Working Dogs │ Project K-9 Hero

Giving Back To Heroic Military Working Dogs │ Project K-9 Hero

Military Working Dogs may not have actual boots on the ground, but you will undoubtedly find them serving wherever the troops are. They may be animals, but these are real, four-legged fighters trained to be loyal and highly-skilled warriors that make no mistakes. Like any other soldier, these dogs are also trained to serve and protect the country’s freedom and citizens.

Unlike actual human soldiers, military dogs are not gifted the same benefits when they retire. Unfortunately, most of these dogs don’t receive the treatment they deserve after their courageous deed for the country.


The Struggles of Retired Four-Legged Heroes

Giving Back To Heroic Military Working Dogs │ Project K-9 Hero

According to Jason Johnson, CEO of Project K-9 Hero,

“Once they served, even if injured down the line of duty, whether overseas or here on the streets serving our communities, lots of times they’re retired, and they don’t get any help.”

After about 10-12 years, it is usually time for military dogs to retire and rest. Unlike human retired soldiers, these dogs don’t get to come home to a loving and waiting family immediately.

Most of these dogs retire due to old age or injury. Since there is no Veterans Affairs for military dogs, they don’t receive the same benefits as human retirees, like life-long healthcare services and care. Often enough, the medical care and finance fall on the shoulders of their current handlers.

Jason felt that he should do something about that.

“As a former handler and trainer of over 2,000 police K9s military working dogs, I thought I need to do something about that.”


Recognize and Protect Military Working Dogs

Giving Back To Heroic Military Working Dogs │ Project K-9 Hero

Jason’s passion and empathy for military dogs prompted him to start Project K-9 Hero.

“I started a non-profit in 2016 to help retired police K-9s and military working dogs with medical care when they get out of service.”

Project K-9 Hero is a non-profit organization that aims to honor military working dogs in retirement by ensuring they live the best quality of life. They provide them with everything they need: medical care, food, rehabilitation, end-of-duty services, and adoption.

Currently, the organization has a functioning facility in Tennessee that is still undergoing improvements to serve as a sanctuary for these four-legged heroes. They also have full-time professional staffs to help train the dogs and keep them safe.

“We’re barely making a dent, but we are changing the lives of everyone we do help.”


If you want to help Project K-9 Hero and support its cause, you can visit their official website to donate. Moreover, they also have an official shop that offers various products you can purchase, like apparel, drinkware, collectibles, and pet products.

Aside from donations and an online shop, you can get the chance to read about some of the hero military dogs under their program. Lastly, you may also read everything about the organization there, including its mission, vision, and background!

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