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Set The Ideal Playdates For Dogs │ Momo Project

Organize And Set The Ideal Playdates For Dogs │ Momo Project

As the saying goes, there are many fish in the sea. While that is true, finding the right and perfect match is still challenging. That doesn’t just apply to humans — the same goes for dogs, too!

Finding your dog’s ideal match and friend is not a walk in the park. Though, it is made much easier by this platform — the Momo Project! It is a pet wellness service and platform that can help pet owners connect with other parents and help them set up the perfect playdates for dogs!


Looking For The Perfect Playmate For Your Dog?

Organize And Set The Ideal Playdates For Dogs │ Momo Project

According to Rebekah Kang, founder and CEO, the Momo Project is an online platform that provides pet playdate matching services. She explained that the app has a mission that aligns with her goals.

“It has a goal to support dog parents in raising their beloved dogs by providing well-matched playdates and easy access to information and resources.”

Rebekah’s main inspiration behind the app is her dog, Momo — a pandemic puppy who, due to the lockdown, needed socialization due to the lack of exposure to other dogs. She knew many pandemic puppies must have the same problem as her Momo, which pushed her to create the app.

Another driving point is when one of her other dogs developed cardiovascular disease, one she wasn’t aware existed. She did extensive research and sought to reach out to other pet owners who experienced the same problem, hoping to ask for advice.

Rebekah recognized the need for an online community where pet parents can connect and discover each other. Hence, the creation of the Momo Project!

“I think it is very important that you need to be connected to the right person.”

With the platform, you can receive recommendations based on your dog’s size, breed, age, energy level, and more! It makes finding and setting ideal playdates for dogs much easier!


Connect With Fellow Dog Owners And Plan The Perfect Playdate

Organize And Set The Ideal Playdates For Dogs │ Momo Project

Signing up for the Momo Project, you must create a social profile for your dog. You need to input the necessary information, such as playstyle, age, breed, and more. You will also need to share if they are vaccinated or not and if they are spayed or neutered.

Note that this information can help you find the perfect playmate for your dog. Also, the more dog information well-managed and aligned within the platform, the better it will be to find a match!

“The more common they share, the better the dog’s experience.”

With Momo Project, you can almost effortlessly learn the necessary information to find your dog their new best friend! Moreover, the platform can also help you connect with other dog parents in your neighborhood.


You can find recommendations for pet services and share your favorite places with fellow dog parents! You can do all of those and more with the Momo Project! Are you looking to sign up? Go directly to their official website and create an account now!

Also, you can take Momo Project everywhere as it is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store!

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