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Share your strength and your courage


“Keep your fears to yourself but share your courage with others.” –Robert Louis Stevenson

When someone asks me what I am afraid of the answer is easy for me…heights. That may not seem that strange until you learn that I am also a multi-engine commercial pilot in addition to being the technical innovator behind Doobert. Imagine, a pilot being afraid of heights.

As an adult, I have many of the same fears as everyone else that will admit it has. Fear of not fitting in or being noticed, fear of not being liked or having any friends, and even fear of dying alone. All of these are pressed down in my subconscious and I try not to let them manifest themselves as I go about living my life. I try and keep that positive attitude that things will work themselves out and that I will find a way to achieve my goals.

I try and apply the same positive approach that I bring to my life to my animal rescue activities, trying not to recognize those fears that I have or that are thrown at me when people contact me for help in transporting an animal. I often get the urgent, dramatic requests usually from people unfamiliar with the animal rescue world, and often demanding that they be helped, supported and assisted to accomplish the transport that they need. I try and remain positive, sharing the steps and alternatives with them to accomplish their objectives, and I try to leave them with the strength that it will be ok and that we will assist them however we can.

Having strength in the animal rescue world can be difficult if not impossible on some days. So much drama, negativity and death that it’s hard to see the light in all of the darkness. Over the years I have connected with others that share our passion and developed a bond where we can support each other with the strength and conviction to carry on even during our most difficult days. I try and offer my support as a person that they can call when they’re just having “one of those days” and need to cry, vent, scream, or talk through their feelings, knowing that they will be there for me when I am experiencing the same. I try and infuse strength, understanding and support for them to bridge the gap in their own strength in the moment.

Allow me to offer the same to all of you that I will be here to support you whenever you need it. To each and every one of you, I appreciate all of your kindness and generosity for animals and I know the role you play in getting us to our objectives.

Every day will not be easy and every animal rescue may not be successful but you need to have the courage to go on, the strength of your convictions to keep up the fight and the understanding that your actions make a difference.

You’ve got a friend in me.

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