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The app store of animal rescue

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”

–Ken Blanchard, author of “The One Minute Manager”

Many of you are probably familiar with the Apple app store or the Google play store where you can search thousands of mobile apps for everything from apps to help with To Do lists or managing passwords, games to play like Pokemon Go and Bejeweled or apps like Waze and Uber that help you get to where you’re trying to go.  But you might be surprised to learn that when Apple originally released the iPhone, only Apple was able to develop apps for it because Steve Jobs, the leader and visionary behind Apple, decided that it should be a closed platform that only Apple could develop for.  It wasn’t until months after the release of the original iPhone that Steve’s leadership team within Apple convinced him to open the platform to development and allow 3rd party apps.  This single decision has resulted in billions of profits for Apple and almost never came to be.

As the equivalent of Steve Jobs at Doobert I find myself constantly looking to the volunteers and organizations that use Doobert to derive my inspiration and ideas for features, improvements or changes to make Doobert more effective in supporting animal rescue.  I have told others that the best ideas come from those people that Doobert aims to support, but it is a constant struggle to get honest, constructive and raw feedback from people, despite trying to solicit it.

I believe that none of us individually is as smart as all of us are collectively.  So can you please take a moment and help me to continue to evolve Doobert into the tool that will:

  • enable you
  • empower you
  • save you time
  • save more animals.

I welcome your feedback either through the comments or directly to me at

Thank you.

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