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Doobert Transport of the Week: Vladimir

Doobert’s Transport of the Week is Vladimir!

We519e07c-652b-42c8-b003-9987f7812327 (1)hat makes Vladimir a special dog? He is a 2-year-old boxer and he is completely deaf. Vladimir was in a foster home for some time while an attempt was made to find a rescue, but his foster was unable to keep him.

Adopt4Love Pets was contacted about Vladimir and were asked if they would be able to help. Adopt4Love Pets, Inc. rescues from various kill shelters, from individuals and deploying military personnel, providing them an alternative to surrendering their beloved pet to a kill shelter. They primarily rescue Pit Bulls, Chihuahuas, and other small breed terriers.

Adopt4LovePets loves to help Boxers, since they have a big place in their heart, but because they primarily rescue Chihuahuas and Pit Bulls they are almost always full. They have previously worked with an amazing Boxer rescue in New Jersey.  They contacted the rescue about Vladimir and asked if there was anyway they would be able to help save him. They said yes.

Adopt4LovePets picked up Vladimir at a boarding facility in which he had moved to, brought him into their rescue and had him HW tested and vaccinated. He rode home in the car like a charm sleeping at the passenger’s feet.

Vladimir is a very sweet dog, but because he is deaf, he seeks contact with humans or other dogs and needs closeness. He immediately took to his transporters wife’s service dog, and he is good with all the other dogs and cats he has met. His foster says he is an absolute delight and is very easy-going and loves to give hugs and kisses.

For a very small foster based rescue with limited resources and few donations, Adopt4Love Pets accomplishes a lot. In 2015 they rescued 147 animals and 2016 has been really busy. Vladimir will make the 43rd rescue this year and it is only the beginning of April.

Over the weekend, Vladimir arrived safely at the Fassa’s Friends Boxer Rescue in New Jersey.

If you would like to learn more about Adopt4Love Pets, Inc. or help support them in their efforts to save lives you can visit their website at and on their Facebook Page at and help by liking their page and sharing adoptable animals.

A big thank you to Adopt4Love Pets and all of the dedicated Doobert volunteers for getting Vladimir to the rescue safe!



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