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The five things we hate most about volunteering to help save animals

Ok we know that at Doobert we’re all about supporting volunteers and their passions for saving animals. But let’s be honest, there are some things we hate about volunteering for the animals and hey, every once in a while, we need to spout off too to release some of our steam. So here’s our 5 things that we hate the most about being a passionate animal volunteer helping to save animals.

sloppy dog kissesSlurpee Kisses – It’s just a given that when you rescue animals, you’re going to end up getting lots of sloppy kisses. They’ll lick you on your hands, cheeks, forehead and even your nose as these furry puppies shower you with affection for helping to save them. All of this love is just more than a volunteer can handle sometimes.

Genuine gratitude – You know how it is, every time we volunteer we get lots of “Thank you”s and hugs, and high-fives and all sorts of other gratitude and genuine appreciation for what we are doing to help the animals. From the volunteers in our rescue transport to the local animal rescue at the destination, the positive energy and feelings of appreciation are there are every turn and the people we meet are not afraid to share. It’s worse than going to church and feeling good about yourself!

Getting warm – On those hot summer days, getting that extra feeling of warmth inside when you’re volunteering to do something good for animals just pushes you over the edge. It’s 90 degrees outside and you get that warm fuzzy feeling inside for having done something selfless and good for those without a voice. Seriously? Where’s that cold bottled water when you need it?summer dog cooling off

Seeing the country – It’s so nice being cooped up inside the office all day or hiding out in the basement dankness all weekend. I mean, who wants to get out and see new places, drive on roads we’ve never driven on before and plot out new adventures as we drive in a rescue relay style transport? I can see everything I need to on Google Maps thank you very much.

cat in bed on mondaySharing our weekend plans – It’s quite annoying to actually have something fun, relevant and uplifting to share with my co-workers every Monday morning when they ask “how was your weekend”? I used to be able to just say “Fine. And yours?” and move on with my meetings but now I have to share the stories about the animals we saved, the interesting people I met and the warm feelings I have about animals. Then the meeting gets started late and the whole day is ruined.

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