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Want To Know If A Dog Is Worm Free? Read Here!

Want To Know If A Dog Is Worm Free? Read Here!

 Deworming is one thing all owners must do when they have pets. You may wonder, “how do I know if a dog is worm free?” In this post, we will help you look for signs of an effective deworming treatment.

Dogs can get worms and parasites from several sources. Owners must know the symptoms and remedies for this problem. Read until the end!


How Do Dogs Get Worms?

Dogs love exploring their surroundings. For this reason, they are susceptible to contracting viruses and other parasites. 

Worms are the most common parasites that infect dogs. They get into a dog’s system when:

  • Dogs roll on the ground
  • They step on contaminated soil
  • Insects like ticks or fleas spread and bring the worms to the dog
  • Dogs eat contaminated reptiles, birds, or rodents

A puppy with worms is a common situation after dog birth — whether it’s from inside the womb or they drink contaminated milk. 

Owners must constantly have their dogs tested for these parasites, especially intestinal worms, and heartworms. Most veterinary clinics will require yearly testing to prevent severe infestations. 


Ways To Test If A Dog Has Worms

Several tests can show if a dog has worms or not. Owners can do these procedures if they suspect an infestation or they want to ensure their pet is clean. 

Only veterinary clinics must do these tests to ensure good quality and accurate results. They can advise the owners on how to care for their pet next. 


1. Fecal smear

The veterinarians take a thin layer of feces and study it under a microscope. Here they will check if there are any worms.


2. Fecal centrifugation

This process is more complicated than a fecal smear. It’s more common when there are visible signs of an infection.

The clinic separates the fecal matter from the parasites to check if there are any worms present.


3. Physical examination

Veterinarians normally perform physical examinations together with fecal testing. This process will give a clear sign of what your dog is going through.

When you want to know if a dog is worm free”, then you can ask for these tests. They will give you clear signs of your dog’s health.


How To Treat Worms

If the veterinarian detects worms on your dog, they can give you various remedies to help kill these parasites.



Deworming must start when the dogs are still young. Puppies can get the parasites from their mother, so early treatment is better.

Veterinarians may give the puppy anthelmintic medicine that they must take every two weeks. This medicine will ensure the puppies will be worm-free.


Adult dogs

Adult dogs with worms also need anthelmintic medicine to kill the parasites. These medicines may be specialized to treat the specific worm type. 

Owners must regularly take their dogs to the veterinarian for deworming. These visits will prevent severe, life-threatening infestations.


Home Remedies

Some owners may prefer herbal deworming remedies if they don’t have time to go to the vet. Some food acts as a natural worm-repellent that makes your dog’s intestinal tract unappealing. 

Here are the foods that help dogs counter worm infestations.

  • Squash
  • Fennel
  • Watercress
  • Pumpkin (especially the seeds)
  • Carrots
  • Cumin seeds
  • Olive leaf extract
  • Garlic

Feed your dog ½ teaspoon per ten pounds of their weight to prevent worms. Crush the seeds and mix them with their dog food to protect their stomachs.

Dried coconut on dog food can also eliminate tapeworms. Put 1 teaspoon for small dogs, 2 teaspoons for medium dogs, and 1 tablespoon for large dogs. 


What Happens To Dogs After Deworming?

Want To Know If A Dog Is Worm Free? Read Here!

If you’re still asking “how do I know if my dog is worm free”, check for their bowel movements. Deworming kills worms inside the dog’s body, so the digestive system will naturally excrete them. 

Your dog may have diarrhea after their deworming session. This is a normal side-effect and owners shouldn’t worry too much; just remember to give your dogs enough food and water so don’t become weak. 

A few days after the deworming, dogs become more active and visibly healthy. The worms aren’t stealing their nutrients anymore. 


Signs Of Successful Deworming

To know if the deworming is successful, you must look for the signs of successful deworming.


1. Dead worms in dog poop

Pooping is the only way your dog can eliminate the worms from its body. Visibly dead worms in dog poop indicates that the deworming medication was successful.


2. Visibly healthier dog

If the dog suddenly becomes more playful and has a better appetite, that means they have more energy. This is a sign that the deworming medication worked well. 



A worm-free dog is a healthy one. Owners must ensure they do strict deworming often to keep their pets healthy. If you’ve been curious to know if a dog is worm free, then you must look for the signs of successful deworming. Owners can also conduct tests and consult with their veterinarians for definite results.

Do you care about helping animals? Join our team at Doobert to help all dogs find the proper deworming methods. We have several partner organizations who are all passionate about eradicating parasites in dogs!

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