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Redefining Litter Innovations For Cat Parents | Cat Savant

Redefining Litter Innovations For Cat Parents | Cat Savant

If not all, almost every cat parent has a litter box inside their homes. It’s one of the most valuable tools for owning a cat, but the innovations for cat parents don’t stop here.

Cat Savant’s Carolyn Rafferty saw that litter spills had become a problem whenever she and her husband cleaned the litter box. This led them to find a solution to this recurring issue.

However, there weren’t enough products available to solve their litter problem. 

“We really didn’t find too much. It was kind of the same products that we already have as cat parents.”

“Nothing was addressing litter spill.” 

That’s when Carolyn and her husband decided to come up with a design that could resolve their issue. 


The Making Of Cat Savant’s Scoop Buddy

Redefining Litter Innovations For Cat Parents | Cat Savant

You don’t always have time to tend to the litter spills when you have a busy home.

There are a lot of products that help with similar issues, like litter mats, scoops, and such. However, it would be better to have a tool that prevents litter spills from happening in the first place. 

Cat Savant started their journey of creating the best litter spill prevention tool through market research. Their study showed that 72% of their survey respondents say that it’s also a problem for them. 

Carolyn and her husband begin developing the design for what we now know as the Scoop Buddy.

“We want to make it accessible for a lot of people.” 

They make sure that the design they come up with can be paired with all kinds of litter box designs to provide a solution to litter box cleaning.

“Not only is it universal to the litter box, but it’s also universal to any style waste bag that you prefer.”


Making Litter Cleaning A Little Better For Cat Parents

Redefining Litter Innovations For Cat Parents | Cat Savant

“Litter box problems are one of the reasons why cats are surrendered back to shelters.”

Urination is cats’ natural way of making their territory and calming themselves, and they are bound to miss a few times when adjusting to a new place. Unfortunately, not all pet owners have the same level of patience for these kinds of behaviors.

Cat Savant wants to develop a simple concept but solves a real problem. Carolyn also mentioned that it surprised her how limited products for this application are, considering that cats have been around domestically for years.

The Scoop Buddy is the newest litter box hack for cat parents that will keep you from having litter spills from now on. Litter box problems don’t have to be so stressful anymore, all thanks to the continuous innovations for cat parents. 

They just launched this year and aimed to spread their product across local pet stores to help more cat parents with the same issue. 


If you’re interested in their cause, visit their website at Cat Savant

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