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We asked, you answered the Doobert Survey!

We recently sent out a survey asking for your feedback. This survey asked questions regarding a new program idea we’re looking at doing. For a small fee, animal adopters needing to have a pet transported to them, could request transport via Doobert. This would not apply to rescues or shelters needing help transporting animals, only to the general public. Here’s how it would work:

1. The adopter/general public would request a transport through the Doobert website. Doobert would collect a fee based upon the distance the animal needs to be transported, advising them that this is volunteer-based transport.

2. Doobert volunteer transporters would select a rescue or shelter beneficiary indicating who they are raising money for.

3. Doobert would pay-it-forward to these beneficiaries by paying the rescues and shelters with the money collected from the adopter.

4. Rescues and shelters would receive revenue and drivers would still be saving animals.


Below are the results and inputs from the survey:

Based upon the description of the program, would you be interested in participating in this program?

Yes (82%)      No (5%)      Maybe (13%)

  • I don’t want to feel like I’m ‘working’ for people. Not sure.
  • If a local transport within 30-50 miles
  • The problem is that I just don’t want to have to down to some public official just to get registered for some like this and then there is the registration fee as well. For some reason the state doesn’t want us to do it. I’m not interested in fighting with the government.
  • Would like to see option to assist with funding new transport drivers to get the
  • Colorado PACFA licenses
  • Who receives the tax-deduction for the donation? You should consider speaking to this aspect of the concept.

Would you be willing to transport products if you were helping raise money for shelters and rescues? (Products could include things like animal food, animal products, or non-animal products)

Yes  (59%)    No (18%)    Maybe (23%)

  • Weekends are usually filled with animal transports.
  • Yes if it’s a local transport
  • This will take more thinking by me and more information about the kinds of products. I am not interested in simply transporting bags of dog food.
  •  I would prefer to transport animals rather than products.
  • Depends on what it is and if it’s for non profit.
  • Weight restrictions on lifting.
  • Delivery to pet owners? No. Shelters/rescues? Maybe
  • Would this fall under Colorado PACFA? Currently the cost is too high for me to get licensed so I’m not transporting

If you were participating in this program, which situations would you be willing to drive and raise money for:

Animals coming from a shelter, going to a forever home (92%)

Animals coming from a rescue, going to a forever home (92%)

Animals needing re-homing (i.e. person can no longer care for them and transport is to another forever home) – virtual shelter concept (76%)

Animals needing transport for personal reasons desiring to avoid airline travel (i.e. travel to vacation home, school, new family member) (40%)

Other, please specify (18%),

  • Animals going to permanent fosters or rescue groups
  • Which ever animal is in need at the time. Doobert to decide.
  • I’m not the fund raising type. I like taking the path of least resistance and that doesn’t include asking others for their money.
  • Pretty much any reason.
  • All or any of the above
  • Transport on local vet visits for elderly/disabled who may not otherwise keep up with vaccinations

We appreciate all of your honest feedback so we can continue to make Doobert even better!

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