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A Simple Way to Advertise Your Adoptable Animals in the Community

A Simple Way to Advertise Your Adoptable Animals in the Community
A Simple Way to Advertise Your Adoptable Animals in the Community

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Have you ever seen a dog (or cat) walking around wearing a vest that said, “Adopt Me”?  Chances are, you have seen an animal or two parading around town with one of these outfits.  An “Adopt Me” vest is a great way to show adoptable animals to the people in your local community.

Even better?  Capture video of the animals out and about to further promote the animals on social media and your organization’s website!  Someone might see an animal wearing one of these vests and be interested in adopting him or her.  You can give out facts about the animal in addition to the shelter or rescue’s information.


What Is An “Adopt Me” Vest?

An “Adopt Me” Vest is a great way to show people in the community that an animal is available for adoption.  Not everyone makes it into a shelter or rescue, so a dog (or a cat) wearing a vest with the words, “Adopt Me!” is sure to get some well-deserved attention.

A Simple Way to Advertise Your Adoptable Animals in the Community


Where Should A Dog Wear An “Adopt Me” Vest?

Everywhere!  Whether an animal is with a foster family, out and about with a volunteer, or at a fundraising or adoption event, be sure to outfit animals that need some extra attention with an “Adopt Me” vest.

Have your foster families, volunteers, or staff take video footage of the animals on walks in the community, playing at the park, interacting with other people and animals, or anywhere else that the animal goes.  Make sure to equip foster parents with a vest when they take an animal home!

A Simple Way to Advertise Your Adoptable Animals in the Community


Why Should Your Volunteers Or Staff Take Videos?

Oftentimes, animals do not show their true personalities when they are in a shelter environment.  They may be shy, scared, afraid of loud noises, or just overall uncomfortable.  Taking videos of an adoptable animal out in the community can showcase the true personality of an animal.

By taking videos, potential adopters can see a dog having positive interactions with kids, adults, and other animals.  They can see how a dog is behaving on a leash and following basic commands.  Not to mention, your staff and volunteers will likely capture personality quirks of the dog that might not otherwise be seen in a shelter!  For example, maybe that Golden Retriever LOVES chasing leaves in the fall!  Perhaps, that Pug loves to play and run around with big dogs.

A Simple Way to Advertise Your Adoptable Animals in the Community

Social media and advertising are powerful tools.  Taking videos that will be displayed on your organization’s social media pages and website can help get more animals adopted—especially if they are wearing an “Adopt Me” vest!

Make Your Own “Adopt Me” Dog Vests

We all know that budgets can be tight.  If you or your staff and volunteers know how to sew, it can be easy to make a couple of these vests for your shelter or rescue to have on hand.  Below are some tips to make your own vests:

Materials Needed:

  • Colored fabric
  • Printable, iron-on transfer sheets
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Tissue paper
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine
  • ¼ inch (13mm) double-fold bias tape
  • Elastic


1. Wash and iron the fabric you will be using for the vest. This can help prevent shrinking and will make sure that the material is clean.

2. Measure the animal that will wear the vest.  Trace a pattern based on your measurements onto tissue paper, or you can print out a template here if you prefer.

3. Cut out the template, pin it onto the fabric, and trace the pattern.

4. Cut out the vest shape.

5. Follow the instructions on the printable, iron-on transfer sheets.  Use your computer to print out the “Adopt Me” logo of your choosing.

6. Transfer the sheets directly onto the fabric. You just cut, and iron on the logos, following the specific instructions.

7. Sew the bias tape all the way around the edge of the vest.  For a great tutorial, visit

8. Sew elastic straps onto the bottom of the vest. And you’re done!


For a more convenient way to collect videos from volunteers, fosters, and community members, check out RescueTUBE!

It will allow you to simply share a code with them and wait as videos and photos are uploaded straight to one folder, ready for you to access! Sign up on Doobert today to start using RescueTUBE!

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