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Episode 135 – Andrew Rowan

Andrew Rowan

Andrew Rowan

Andrew Rowan started in animal welfare in February 1976, as a Scientific Administrator at the Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments in London, England. In 1978 he became the associate director for the Study of Animal Problems at the Humane Society of the US and then in 1983, proceeded to Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine as Professor and Chair for the institution’s Department of Environmental Studies.

He launched the Tufts Center for Animals and Public Policy, the academic journal “Anthrozoos” and the first Master’s degree program Animals and Public Policy. In 1997, he returned to HSUS and took over Humane Society International which he ran for 20 years and grew it from a $1million a year operation to $20 million a year!

Andrew left HSUS in 2018 and started WellBeing International to seek solutions for people, animals, and the environment. WBI is committed to a collaborative approach in developing, engaging and supporting effective coalitions, generating accurate data and sound analysis, and the transparent reporting of both successes and failures. WellBeing International seeks to achieve optimal wellbeing for the triad of People, Animals, and Environment, emphasizing the intersections of the three elements, through approaches to build global health and happiness.



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