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‘Chatty Catty’ & How to grab Cat Photos on a Transport.

BlueJ Imagery

Welcome back! I’m here for my next installment from The Volunteer Photographer’s Zone.

How do I capture some of my cat pix?

Since more often than not cats travel in carriers, and it may not be optimal to take them out during the ride, just how do we get good pix?  This is where smart phones will be the best options, paws down. 😉

Puppy Rescue MissionI was not fortunate to grow up around cats, so don’t know a lot of their behaviors, nor how to distinguish their sounds, so I’m a bit at a disadvantage sorting out their chatty languages.  My recent passenger Mosul, saved from overseas by Puppy Rescue Mission, and being delivered to her new Soldier Daddy, was reported as a ‘bit sassy’ I can relate, as I, too, am a bit sassy (and classy, and even smart-assy!) LOL… well, she was traveling with a puppy, ‘Pippa’, and when the puppy was too close to her carrier, she’d hiss and swat in a bit of discomfort of puppy proximity.  

Pippa was a good co-pilot so I had her ride shotgun, and Mosul got to ride behind the two seats, with a towel to cover her carrier to soothe her stress levels as she traveled.  I drive a jeep with back seats removed so the entire back is set with carpets, blankets, pet beds, toys, and a comfort area for my paw-ed passengers.

You can see the situation warranted Mosul to remain in her carrier, so, pix were being uploaded to the FB Chat of puppy, but none of this beauty! So how can we showcase the love of this awesome kitty?

Line up your smartphone camera right up to the wire door, and snap pix that way. Right through the squares… move the phone around til you have none of the wiring in the way.  Mind you the cat (yes this works for dogs in carriers also) needs to be backed up a bit for this to work. If dark inside the carrier, use your exposure lock feature to brighten the lighting. I don’t mean dark as in night-time, coz that poses different challenges, but daytime, work it a bit…

I did this for Mosul and was able to contribute the following imagery to the transport:


Well, give it a go next time your passenger is crated. Play around til you get some good ones…these are digital!  Taking 10 pix costs no more than 5! Then use my crop tips if necessary, and chose your favorite few to upload to the chat, and the Doobert success pages!

Oh… almost forgot!  

Little video clips always are a delight, too!  As mentioned above, I am not able to distinguish cat chat yet, so I may stop more frequently to be sure the cat is not in distress if the cat is traveling behind me while I’m driving. I did this with Mosel, and found she was only seeking some companionship and TLC which I gladly provided and she settled a bit down after that… What a love take a look:

Hope this encourages you next time your passengers are in carriers, to know you can still grab great images of them, without risking their safety.

Here’s two memes I played with to give all in the chat a little laugh:

Got one of me as well!

BlueJ Imagery

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Love & Cheers,


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