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Placing Trust On A Reliable Canine Liability Insurance │ Dog Bite Quote

Placing Trust On A Reliable Canine Liability Insurance │ Dog Bite Quote

Even the best and most well-behaved dog can cause injuries and accidents. It doesn’t matter if you claim your pet as a saint or an angel. They can still be a considerable liability in certain instances.

Some people might read a playful nip as aggressive behavior. Not to mention that property damage caused by energetic and mischievous dogs can give you and the property owner a headache and a few hundred dollars of expenses. In these unfortunate scenarios, animal and canine liability insurance can help you the most.


Why Is Canine Liability Insurance Important?

Placing Trust On A Reliable Canine Liability Insurance │ Dog Bite Quote

Deborah Turner recognized the need for dog liability insurance. She claims that every pet owner needs adequate insurance coverage to prepare financially if their dog causes an accident.

Every pet parent needs canine liability insurance, regardless of their dog’s size, temperament, and history. You must know that even the smallest dog can leave behind a permanent scar on a little child.

Deborah made an insurance policy offering protection for dog owners if their pet injures another person or animal. Fascinating enough, she gained the idea when she was required to make a new insurance policy as a final requirement for her degree.

“I started the research paper for the insurance industry and had someone tell me, ‘No, this needs to be a product, and you need to bring this to the market.’ So I did that in 2012.”

After getting her degree, she worked on developing the Canine Liability Insurance Policy to help pet owners acquire peace of mind and a sense of security.


Trusting Dog Bite Insurance

Placing Trust On A Reliable Canine Liability Insurance │ Dog Bite Quote

While doing her research, Deborah discovered the gross misunderstanding made by the insurance industry. Mainly, it involves which dog to insure for the policy. The industry erroneously labeled certain breeds as dangerous – which was wrong.

Instead of looking at the dog’s breed, they must consider the situation. Deborah worked to develop an insurance policy and system that incorporates identifiable factors to determine the likelihood a canine will bite, regardless of their breed. Hence, the creation of the Canine Liability Insurance Policy, which is open to all breeds.

 “It’s a very broad policy.”

The policy has comprehensive coverage, including biting, scaring, tripping, scratching, knocking someone down, causing property damage, and injuring another animal. It also applies on and off your premises anywhere in the United States! The policy pays for veterinarian fees, legal fees, medical bills, and settlements up to the policy’s limits.

“The program is fully automated. You can get your quote and buy the policy in 10 minutes or less.”

Getting a quote is also made easy! Click ‘Get a Quote’ on their website, complete the process, and your quote will instantly display on the screen! Remember, getting a quote does not oblige or require you to purchase the policy!


If you want to know more about Canine Liability Insurance, visit their website. All information regarding the policy (definition, coverage, FAQs, payment options, etc.) is found there!


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