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Save Lives And Keep Families Intact │ Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund

Save Lives And Keep Families Intact │ Ellie's Rainy Day Fund

The worst possible scenario you could encounter as a pet parent is needing to pay an unexpectedly large vet bill that is way above what you can afford. Fortunately, there are organizations like Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund to help pet owners in grave financial need out of those situations! 

Keep Pets and Families in Harmony with Ellie’s Rainy Day 

Save Lives And Keep Families Intact │ Ellie's Rainy Day Fund

Juli Burnell, the founder of Ellie’s Rainy Day, aspires to keep pets and people together. 

“We work to protect the love shared between families and their furry family members by funding the needed emergency and specialty veterinary treatment when they run into that unexpected large bills and would otherwise likely have to euthanize their pet.”

Juli put together a large charity that organizes a network of veterinarians. They keep in close contact with these vets, who will serve as the bridge to connect pet parents in need with the organization.

Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund works full-time to make a difference. The organization offers a helping hand to families deep in financial crisis by shouldering the expensive bills of their sick and injured pet animals. It supports and nurtures the human and animal bond through funding veterinary services and treatment. 

The organization is veterinarian-driven. If there’s someone who can decide on who needs the financial support the most, it is the vets. They can see which family is fully committed to helping their pets. These vets also know the most likely to do the follow-up care needed. 

“Nationwide, there are over 500,000 cases a year where animals are euthanized who could’ve been saved, but the treatment couldn’t be afforded.”

They encountered many senior citizen clients who usually have pets as their sole companions. There are several families with kids that have disabilities. 

Furthermore, there is also an increasing number of families with a member that is gravely ill. More often than not, the love and companionship they receive from their pets is what gets them through their treatment.


Helping Pets and People Through Medical Care

Since its establishment in 2015, the organization has helped 249 families and spent 560,000 dollars of donations. 

Juli acknowledges the generosity and kindness of animal lovers. She says these people know and understand the true meaning of unconditional love.

Save Lives And Keep Families Intact │ Ellie's Rainy Day Fund

She created a way that allows people with extra money to extend a hand to those in need, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved. The donors feel a sense of fulfilment and joy hearing that they helped save lives while the ones in need get to keep their families together. 

“Ellie’s rainy day fund is helping families, helping pets, and helping providers.”

Juli always wanted to try helping those in need. Ellie, her rescue dog, pushed her to establish the organization. She had a rare lung condition, requiring her to have ongoing care. That means Juli was in and out of the waiting rooms a lot. 

Moreover, it was those times when she saw several families leave with their pets in pain or inside a box. Ellie was the reason why Juli was personally aware of the pain that these pet parents go through. 

However, Ellie passed away just last August. 

Juli made it a point to keep her memory alive by pushing through with the organization and making it as big as it could get. She said that every family they helped and every pet they saved serves as a shout-out to Ellie. 


Visit their website at  to know more!

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