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Animal Rescue of the Week: Episode 65 – Charlie’s Wish Animal Rescue

Charlie's Wish Animal Rescue

Charlie's Wish Animal Rescue

Charlie’s Wish Animal Rescue was established to honor Laura’s first pit bull, Charlie, who was badly abused by his owner. He was later dumped by the person and tied outside without food and water. He was extremely emaciated when she adopted him from the shelter. Charlie had head trauma which prevented him from eating properly. She had to soak his food with water for him. Charlie died 3 years after Laura had him for his old injury. She established the rescue next year to honor him and to remind herself that there are many other dogs that are just like him and need our help. They usually take dogs that other rescues don’t want. Their medical expenses can’t be covered by adoption fees and donations. She constantly pays the bills out of her own pocket. But seeing them being transformed into happy and healthy dogs and have a loving family is priceless. Because of the financial burden, she has to keep this rescue very small. Her mission is keeping dogs “out of harm’s way, one dog at a time.” She can’t save all dogs but the dogs in her hands will receive good care. That’s what she does.


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