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Revolutionie Your Pet’s Meal With A Plant-Based Dog Nutrition Diet │ Vivus Pets

Revolutionizing Your Pet’s Meal With A Plant-Based Dog Nutrition Diet │ Vivus Pets

Vivus Pets is a company that aspires to help the world transition into a planet where every life matters. They aim to do so with the help of research, innovation, and science!

Their main niche and focus? Creating and providing 100% plant-based dog nutrition that is sustainable, nutritious, and backed by science! As their co-founder and CEO, Olga Milman, claimed,

“We want our pets to be alive. We want to give them a longer life.”


A Vegan Pet Diet That Benefits Everyone

Revolutionizing Your Pet’s Meal With A Plant-Based Dog Nutrition Diet │ Vivus Pets

To Vivus Pets, dogs are a part of the family. They are living beings that deserve to be treated well and lovingly cared for. With that in mind, Vivus Pets strive to help make the world a better place for them — and for other animals, as well.

They formulate vegan recipes for high-quality plant-based treats, supplements, and dental chews! As Olga said,

“We create healthy, nutritious, delicious pet food and supplements without hurting other animals or the environment.”

Vivus Pets ensure that everything they do and every product they release is based on recent scientific research that is peer-reviewed by a Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist. They mainly focus on nutrients and use every ingredient to its fullest potential.

The food and treats they create are all plant-based. They went entirely vegan and avoided using and utilizing animal protein at all costs. Their plant-powered ingredients are all entirely natural and free of animal products and canine allergens.

“When we formulate our food, we make sure that we only use plant-based material. We do upcycling of certain ingredients.” 

Vivus Pets does thorough research on the bioavailability and digestibility of plant-based proteins. They want to ensure that all amino acids are present and are digestible to pets. Doing so also assures them that each product they release truly supplies the essential nutrient requirements.

According to Olga, recent research demonstrates that plant-based food does not contain carcinogens, unlike other animal-based diets. The general hypothesis is that dogs can thrive and live longer with plant-based dog nutrition.


Complete Your Dog’s Diet With Vivus Pets’ Plant-Based Treats And Supplements

Revolutionizing Your Pet’s Meal With A Plant-Based Dog Nutrition Diet │ Vivus Pets

Among the main goals of Vivus Pets is to help dogs achieve a longer lifespan. That driving force is the reason behind its name since ‘alive’ translates to ‘Vivus’ in Latin.

So, in general, Vivus Pets can also mean ‘Pets Alive.’

Among their superfood ingredients is carrot pomace from the juicing industry. They also utilize other ingredients in their dog treats and supplements: beet, black bean, sweet potato, lentils, teff, sunflower seed, and more.

With that ingredient setlist, it is no wonder their dog products are rich in healthy fats, protein, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants!

Vivus Pets mainly produces three products — Artisan Bites, Chewy Supplements, and Dental Chews. They are also currently working on formulating more vegan recipes to launch hopefully this year!


Want to try out their vegan products? You can easily order them directly from their official website! Visit and order now to officially start your dog on a healthy and nutritious plant-based diet!

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