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Non-Invasive Collection of Urine Samples Transform Pet Urinalysis | CheckUp Kit

checkup kit non invasive collection of pet urine samples

Did you know that there’s now a simpler way to collect your dog’s or cat’s urine samples?

Simply check out CheckUp Kit!

CheckUp is a brand from Coastline Global that strives to promote the highest standards of animal welfare.

According to Alon Rosenberg, who started the company in 2010,

CheckUp Kit is a very innovative and disruptive product that keeps changing the industry and has already affected three different industries in the animal and health industry.”

Getting Started With CheckUp Kit

starting checkup kit

Born and raised in Israel, Alon started CheckUp Kit after his experience as a manager in one of the companies he worked for before resulted in him knowing about the struggles in taking pets’ urine samples.

“One of the products that we developed was hydrophobic sand, which is basically sand that repels water… There was a lot of alley cats [where we developed the product], so I always fed them… The cats always urinated on the sand that we use…”

Since it was cats’ instinct to urinate on dry, desert-like surfaces, Alon and his colleagues at the time didn’t think much of it. One day, however, he noticed blood in one of the cat’s urine.

Worried for the feline’s well-being, Alon brought the cat to a vet.

“I wanted this vet to check why the cat had blood in the urine. When the vet arrived and saw the urine, he explained to me that it’s extremely difficult to collect urine samples from cat.”

Because cats urinate on cat litter, Alon was told that the only methods to collect urine samples are invasive methods.

In fact, the most common practice was one where the vet has to use a needle and an ultrasound to extract the urine directly from the cat’s bladder.

“The techniques are invasive, definitely not cat-friendly. So, the vet suggested that we will see if our sand can act as a liter for urine sample collection.”

This led Alon and his team to send the sand for a validation study.

It took almost eight months since they had to consider cats with different conditions, but it was well worth it.

“After eight months, we learned that our sand is actually the perfect litter for your ensemble collections, both for felines, exotic animals, and laboratory mice. And that was the birth of Coastline Global.”

CheckUp Kit and Coast Globals Product Lines

checkup kit product lines

With a goal to transform the urinalysis experience, Alon and his CheckUp  brand team develop products that facilitate the noninvasive collection of urine samples from animals for urinalysis. Their products are all pet-friendly, nontoxic, and easy to use:

  1. The Full CheckUp provides a quick and reliable testing method to observe the general wellness of your cat through at-home urine testing. It also detects levels of glucose, protein, pH, and blood in the urine.
  2. CheckUp Kit4Cat Litter is a patented hydrophobic litter made from natural sand that keeps cat urine on top, enabling stress-free urine sample collection from cats. Kit4Cat eliminates the need for invasive procedures.
  3. CheckUp for dogs provides a quick and reliable testing method to observe the general wellness of your dog through at-home urine testing. It also detects levels of glucose, protein, pH, and blood in the urine.
  4. The P-Pole allows dog owners to easily collect urine samples while taking their dogs on a regular walk. You can use it together with additional diagnostic testing strips.



Learn more about CheckUp Kit!

Visit their website at

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