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Whole New Dog Training Approach With A Personalized Training Plan │Gentle Beast

Whole New Dog Training Approach With A Personalized Training Plan │Gentle Beast

Are you looking for a practical dog training approach for your dog? Gentle Beast got the perfect solution for you – a highly personalized training plan perfectly tailored for your dog!


Train to Speak Dog With Gentle Beast

Gentle Beast, according to Ben Green, is

“An on-demand dog training and wellness platform designed to train humans to unleash the good in their dogs.”

Whole New Dog Training Approach With A Personalized Training Plan │Gentle Beast

It’s a recently launched business that aspires to spread knowledge on how to connect with dogs. They believe the basis of good training is a strong communication channel. With enough effort, a pet parent can speak dog and better understand them.

The name ‘Gentle Beast’ came from two contradictory words that, when put together, can provide a beautiful message.

“The idea came from the tension between wild and tame. We have Gentle and Beast. And that’s really at the end of the day what we want to remind people.”

Gentle Beast is a way to remind pet parents not to treat animals, especially dogs, as humans. People often look at their pets and behavior through human lenses, unconsciously putting them to human standards. That is incredibly unfair for your pets.


Have Access to Personalized Dog Training

Gentle Beast offers a comprehensive and diverse variety of courses that teach different training approaches and concepts, need-to-know information, and dogs’ behavioral cues. Upon signing up, you will need to complete a behavior profile, which Gentle Beast will then use to suggest a set of courses based on that information.

Whole New Dog Training Approach With A Personalized Training Plan │Gentle Beast

Gentle Beast will then build you a highly personalized training plan you can use to improve your relationship with your pet! Each course is a bite-sized workshop you can accomplish in less than 20 minutes!

Additionally, Gentle Beast works with experts that have the highest certification levels. You can expect to receive premium education and resources tailored to you and your dog! 

Aside from the personalization and training plan features, Gentle Beast provides a comprehensive approach focusing on behavioral wellness. For them, training is not the only important aspect that impacts behavior. You will also need to consider other aspects such as nutrition, enrichment, exercise, and hygiene! 

At Gentle Beast, there are hundreds of thousands of personal paths that you can take for yourself and your dog.

“So it’s sort of like choosing your own adventure. What you do impacts what you get next.”


You can help your dog navigate the world with proper training and improve both of your lives! You can trust Gentle Beast to get you there! To learn more about their services and courses, go to their official website

Gentle Beast is also available at the app store and Google Play Store! If you know any shelters that can benefit from Gentle Beast, send an email to They are willing to offer unlimited access to shelters and rescues for free! 

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