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Cat Camera Collars That Make Your Cats Easy to Find | Glow Track Collar

Glow Track Cat Camera Collars Make Your Cats Easy to Find

Is your cat the escape artist type? Do they keep getting lost without you getting any idea until it’s too late?

Glow track collars can give you the intel you need.

Invented by Kimberley Freeman, the glow track collars are a new kind of cat camera collars that can help you keep your cats safe even when they’re outside.

As per Kimberley, who is a lost cat finder by profession,

“I have found a lot of cats whose owners then want to know, ‘What do we do so that we don’t lose our cat again?’ So, over the years, I have come up with a couple of options to help keep tabs on your cat as well as see what your cat is doing.”

The Humble Beginnings of the Glow Track Collars

Given the numerous calls for help that she received, Kimberley came up with the idea of inventing a product that would help cat parents keep track of their pets.

Glow Track Camera Collar That Makes Your Cats Easy to Find in the Dark

Her initial goal was to invent one for her search cat, Henry, who usually goes with her to find missing cats.

“I needed a camera on him (Henry) because he was going under bushes. He was going into dark places, small spaces I couldn’t get into. So, I needed to see what he was seeing since I couldn’t go with him. And the camera would let me look and see, was the cat under that sofa in the back of the garage behind the 100 boxes? So, that’s the original reason.”

One of the many options she considered was a tracking tag. However, GPS options for cats were too big and didn’t allow satellites to see cats under cars or buildings.

After a lot of research, she decided on the idea of a reflective cat camera collar that used Apple’s AirTag.

“Apple came out with the AirTag, which kind of is like a whole new category. Anybody with an iPhone is like a cell tower for lost items. So, to me, that really changed the landscape. So, now… I sell collars that you can pop them into. I also offer an AirTag case you can clip to the collar that glows in the dark.”

Glow Track Collars for Keeping Your Cats Safe

It took Kimberley over three years to figure out, but she finally got the cat camera collar functioning with the features she believed would keep felines safe.

Glow Track Camera Collar That Makes Your Cats Easy to Find

The breakaway glow track collar comes with a self-adjusting wrap, which means it stays on even confirmed collar-escape artists.
It also has an optional mini “cat action camera” and clip for recording cat adventures and finding out where they go and what they do. Smaller than a golf ball and less than 1/3 the weight, the round cat camera collar has no sharp edges to bump or annoy the cat.

One advantage of the glow track collar is that it lights up at night to protect your cat. It also keeps birds safe from cat ambush during the day.

When asked about her future plans for the glow track collar, Kimberley shared,

“What I want to do is incorporate the AirTag, the tracking aspect with a camera… You want the AirTag up here on the top of the glow track collar so that it can be picked up not under their chin. So, the plan is to have one collar that you can add accessories to.”


Learn more about Glow Track Collars!

Visit their website at

Check out if you need help with recovering your lost cat.

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