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Animal Rescue of the Week: Episode 66 – Columbus Dog Connection

Columbus Dog Connection

Columbus Dog Connection

Columbus Dog Connection is a 501c3, limited admission dog and cat rescue organization, formed in 1998. They are a network of dog enthusiasts who rescue all breeds of dogs and cats. They promote all rescues & shelters in Ohio and be in dogged pursuit of saving every adoptable dog until dogs/cats are no longer euthanized for lack of space.

They operate a high quality, aggressive, statewide mobile spay/neuter service, targeting areas with high animal population and low spay/neuter resources. They also offer a low-cost vaccine clinic on the first Saturday of the month. All dogs/cats that wish to take advantage of their low-cost services must be spayed/neutered to attend. Every dog that leaves their care is spayed/neutered, including 8-week old pups. They believe that allowing a pup to leave their care not spayed/neutered would perpetuate the problem, they work so hard to overcome every day.

Non-official mission: To go out of business because our services are no longer needed. They often hear a chuckle or wishful thinking comment when they say this, and they say this often, but if they don’t believe they could end the problem of overpopulation, they have no business asking anyone to believe in them… much less to give us even one of their hard-earned dollars.



Instagram: @columbusdogconnection

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