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Transformative AI Technology for Pet Smart Dog Training | Companion

Companion AI tech helps train your dog

If you want your dog to engage in a fun yet transformative dog training even while you go on with the rest of your day, Companion is the key to your needs.

According to John Honchariw, founder and CEO of Companion,

“We hope to help all animals, but we’re starting with dogs and humans. Basically, we want to give humans a far greater understanding and even better relationship with the dogs they care deeply about.”

An AI Companion to Provide Your Dog With Transformative Learning Experiences

Companion website dog listening to companion

Consisting of a team of world-class technologists, animal welfare experts, entrepreneurs, and researchers, Companion develops technology that automatically trains Fidos transformatively. Their products use computer vision, machine learning, and robotics to create high-quality solutions to the most pressing dog training and animal welfare issues.

“Fundamentally, what Companion’s all about is using all of this technology that’s been developed through cell phones and all of these little sensors, all around the world to precisely, much more deeply pick up on all of the signals, all of the communications that the animals we love around us are already sending us,”

John elaborated.

Even with all the functions and capabilities that come with modern technology, the Companion team believes that using it to create more empathy and establish a great human-animal bond is the best way to utilize it.

“Training’s one word for it. The other way of saying it is just making it easier to live more with your dog. We want you to feel really confident that the moment you call your dog’s name, your dog will turn around and look into your eyes. The moment you ask your dog to recall to come to you, you’ll be able to call your dog over. The moment you ask your dog to go down, you know you’ll be able to diffuse the situation.”

dog training with companion

While most people just think of these activities as interacting with their pups and adult pooches, John and the team at Companion think that they are important methods of communicating with your four-legged companions. And if you’re confident that you can communicate with them, it increases the chances of you being able to live more with your animals.

John explained it best,

“It’s a combination of this new type of hardware device with a kind of AI power. It’s fast enough to interact with your dog in a fun, meaningful, engaging way while you’re away… And whether it’s sit down, recall, or all of these things while you’re away from home, Companion helps keep those behaviors stronger and stronger and stronger.”

dog gets transformative learning experiences from companion tech

Companion also includes an amazing remote coach who sees all of the content coming from your device. This way, they’re able to give you guidance on how your dog is doing the curriculum and suggest changes that will help your Fido complete their training.

“We deem it as a success when you spend more time with your dog or more time in training. This might sound weird, but we’re most proud of it when people like doing training so much more because it’s so much easier, so much more fun. We’ve given them so much leverage on their time, and they spend more time with their dog and develop a better and even stronger human-animal bond.”



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