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Modern Cardboard Cat Toy Products and Playhouses │ Cat in the Box

Modern Cardboard Cat Toy Products and Playhouses │ Cat in the Box

Cat owners are constantly baffled and surprised to find their cats more interested in the cardboard box than the new toys they bought. At this point, it is no secret that cats adore cardboard boxes. When it comes to your feline companies, boxes are their jam.

Litter boxes, laundry boxes, empty Amazon boxes – you name it. Once they see these tight spaces, they will claim them like a lion marking its den. While it might seem harmless, you should probably be a bit worried. These boxes can be dirty.

Fortunately for cat owners, there are now stylish and completely animal-safe cardboard cat toy products and playhouses that you can purchase for your feline!


How did Cat In The Box come about?

Modern Cardboard Cat Toy Products and Playhouses │ Cat in the Box

Cat in the Box is a company that designs, manufactures, and offers stylish, modern, and fun cardboard cat toy products and condos that are entirely animal-safe! Owned by Dawn LaFontaine, Cat in the Box strives to provide eco-friendly products that are FDA-approved and chemical-free!

According to Dawn,

“My idea was to create boxes that are clean. They’re attractive, fun, and designed with a cat’s biology in mind.”

The main idea behind the Cat in the Box came about after a visit to a friend’s house. There, Dawn saw mountains of old Amazon boxes utilized for cats’ entertainment. Witnessing that scene sparked an idea in Dawn.

“Your amazon boxes might not be designed for cats.”

Who’s to say you can’t have safe and clean cat play boxes designed in a way that they can become décor pieces to a room? The concept for decorative cardboard playhouses and condos was born.


Shop for Cardboard Cat Toy Products Now

Modern Cardboard Cat Toy Products and Playhouses │ Cat in the Box

Dawn shared that cats obsession with boxes has a bit of science to it. There are three main reasons why cats are constantly lured to these boxes.

Foremost, they see these tight spaces and instantly think of warmth and coziness. They cramp themselves inside boxes to gain more heat and warmth.

Second, they turn to boxes for some stress relief. Hiding is one of a cat’s primary instincts. They do so mainly to soothe themselves when they are anxious or stressed. By providing a cat with a box or hiding space, you are giving them the chance to take themself momentarily out of the game when they need to calm down.

As for the last reason – Indoor cats need an outlet to release their natural behaviors. In this case, they need to express their hunting behavior.

“Cats are ambush predators, which means they need to hide and then suddenly jump out and attack something.” 

Knowing all these reasons, you might be more inclined to give them a cardboard box. Dawn created her company to help cat owners, even in the tiniest way. In this case, it means offering an artistic product to blend well in the living room to replace those dirty and unsanitary boxes.

 “I’m always thinking of things that cats could use that don’t currently exist or that make life easier for their guardians.”


Cat in the Box offers five designs for cardboard cat toy products and playhouses. Alongside these cardboard boxes, they are also selling other relevant cat products that your pet can use! Head over to their official website now if you want to check out their product list!

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