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Dating App for Dog and Cat Lovers | DigDates and TabbyDates

Dating App for Dog and Cat Lovers (Find Your Pawfect Partner!) | Dig and Tabby Dating Apps

Did you know that pets play an imperative role in making or breaking a relationship?

Many animal lovers consider owning a pet as a huge part of who they are. Because of this, it makes sense that they would look for a potential other half who will also love their animals as much as they do.

If you are one of these pet lovers and are also currently looking for a life partner who would love your dog or cat, DigDates and TabbyDates help romantically connect dog lovers and cat lovers.

You know these companies mean business when their CEO and co-founder, Leigh D’Angelo, said,


“It’s cheesy, but we’re more love.”

when asked if they were more on dating or on pets.

She added,

“We want people finding those connections with humans… So, yes, two dating apps, very much focused on finding a compatible lifestyle, finding your perfect person who can mesh with your perfect animals.”

If you don’t have a dog or cat but love them and want to date someone with a pooch or feline, no need to get your own pet ASAP.

According to Leigh, approximately one-third of their users don’t have a dog yet. But, like you, they want to share their love for animals.

“DigDates and TabbyDates work very similarly… That’s really important, I wanna say right off the bat, that DigDates and TabbyDates are for dog and cat lovers, not just owners. We’re about the full lifestyle… We’re very much focused on your lifestyle, not just right now, but where you wanna be, who you wanna be with, the type of life you wanna lead.”

This works, especially today, where finding pet-friendly housing can still pose a challenge despite the increasing number of pet ownership and pet rescue cases.

The idea behind these dating apps came round when Leigh’s sister and co-founder, Casey Isaacson, dated someone who wasn’t really into animals but tried to be a dog person for her.

In the end, the relationship didn’t work out because the guy didn’t want Casey’s dog in his apartment.

This was obviously a deal-breaker and made both sisters realize that treating one’s pet as part of your dating package is a priority.


Leigh explained,

“We really just believe from the start that bringing the people together would ultimately benefit the animals in a really unique way as well. So, we want to really promote that.”

DigDates and TabbyDates Features

Dating App for Dog and Cat Lovers (Find Your Pawfect Partner!) | Dig and Tabby Dating Apps

If you want to seek out your special someone on DigDates or TabbyDates right away, navigating both platforms is pretty straightforward.

As with many other dating websites and apps, all you need to do is log in to the platform. Indicate whether you are a “dog (cat) owner” or a “dog (cat) lover”, and create a profile containing the basics about yourself as well as your dog or cat.

Afterward, you can then start to find potential matches based on the information that you provided.

The most common method of finding a potential significant other is by swiping through suggested profiles left or right. However, DigDates and TabbyDates offer other features to help you meet other dog people and cat people.

For instance, Dig has a social feed they call the “digital dog park”, where you can interact with all users in a public way. Here, you can share stories, spark conversations about your ideas for a perfect date, and even try out a few pickup lines to see other users’ opinions.

Dig also posts daily deals from other pet companies, as well as different surveys that you can fill out.

On the other hand, they call the equivalent of this social feed on Tabby the “cat tree”.

Other cool features on the Tabby app include “Caddy”, which is a section consisting of essential information like tips and tricks from veterinarians and trainers, adoptable animals, and date ideas for all seasons (e.g., winter, summer, during COVID-19, etc.).

Leigh clarified,

“The first most important thing is that we’re showing you who you wanna see. Algorithm aside, we try to give you as much that you can maneuver for your own search criteria… So, maybe you have a dog that doesn’t get along with other dogs, so you wanna find someone who will love your dog as much as you do, and that’s enough… (But) other people wanna have twelve… So, whatever you might be looking for, we’re trying to match that.”

Matching Dates and Pets With DigDates and TabbyDates

Dating App for Dog and Cat Lovers (Find Your Pawfect Partner!) | Dig and Tabby Dating Apps

This notion of connecting pets with people was also inspired by the two Bavarian bloodhounds that Leigh’s and Casey’s mother owned. The hounds loved each other and loved people, but they could not get along with other dogs.

“It made such a huge difference to your home and your lifestyle when it comes to finding the right person to mesh with something you already love. And so, we built both apps around the idea that it’s about true compatibility,”

Leigh added.

To ensure that things would work out, Leigh and her team integrated vets and trainers into the Dig and Tabby platforms.

“First of all, we want your first date to be safe. You know, how do I introduce these animals? How are we gonna get these cats to live together? You’re starting to think about that right from the very beginning…so we really want to be a part of that conversation.”

In addition to providing a safe space for dog lovers and cat lovers to find pup-approved and cat-approved romance, the Dig and Tabby teams also work with different shelters and rescue groups to help raise awareness about those animals that do not have a home and would welcome being adopted into a loving, forever home.

This is not to say that they encourage people to adopt right away just because they met someone on the apps.

You will still need to make sure that adopting a dog or cat is the right thing for you.

However, Leigh and her team do hope that they give you the tools that can help with your decision-making.



Learn more about DigDates and TabbyDates!

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