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Do you know what dog was bred for hunting boar?

15068950_918490831619249_6021105060561886554_oDo you know what dog was originally bred for hunting boar? Plott Hounds! 

Meet Jackie, who is a five month old Plott Hound! She is known to be a friendly little pup, but shelter life started to take its toll, leaving her slightly frightened and a little skittish.

Jackie was found as a stray near Flat Rock Park in Brownwood, Texas. She was found when she was only four months old, tossed to fend for herself. Jackie was taken to the Corrine T. Smith Animal Center in Texas. When Jackie arrived, they listed her as a Boxer/Labrador Retriever mix due to the color of her coat.

Jackie was listed on the page of All Hounds Rescue Network. All Hounds on Deck, located in Lincoln, Nebraska saw the post about Jackie and knew that the breed listed for her was not correct. Jackie is a Plott Hound! All Hounds on Deck rescues five specific breeds, and Plott Hound is one of them.

All Hounds on Deck rescues are mostly strays, rescued from the streets or pulled from the local high-kill shelter. Many of of them have had a very, very long road to recovery and to welln15002288_918491111619221_5577723522401284481_oess.

The color of Jackie’s coat is often mistaken for a boxer or pit bull. Most people have never heard of the Plott Hound breed which is why they are often labeled wrong. When All Hounds on Deck saw Jackie listed as the wrong breed, they contacted the shelter and pulled Jackie, calling for a transport to be set up with R.A.C.E.

Jackie was transported this past weekend, from Brownwood, Texas to Lincoln, Nebraska, traveling over 750 miles. She already had a foster family waiting for her arrival! Jackie will be spayed, given any additional shots that may be required, given unconditional love and placed for adoption.

Jackie has been renamed by her foster family as “Sake.” The dogs rescued by All Hounds on Deck have a name related to a type of alcohol to help make the rescue and dogs be more unique and memorable when people talk about them! All Hounds on Deck could not have gotten Jackie to freedom or safety without the wonderful organization R.A.C.E. and the volunteers who transported her.

R.A.C.E. is a sub-organization of Pawsitively Famous, Inc. and helps displaced animals find new homes. They assist in organizing and funding the transport to get them there, and to also provide possible monetary assistance for vetting rescue pets. This is made possible by the R.A.C.E. team and by Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Foundation pet charity fund.


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