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Doobert is fighting for a spot in the 2019 Innovation Showdown. We need your vote!


Doobert is fighting for a spot in the 2019 Innovation Showdown. We need your vote!

PEWAUKEE, Wis. – March 6, 2019 – PRLog — The Petco Innovation Showdown is a collaborative project bringing the nation’s top animal welfare organizations together to invest in lifesaving innovation. Modeled after Shark Tank, participants seeking funding to save animal lives will present their best lifesaving animal welfare ideas on stage to the Innovation Investors.

Doobert currently boasts over 23,000 volunteers and over 1,200 organizations; and because our mission is to save more animals, access to our services and volunteers is FREE! Your vote and encouragement of others to do the same gives us a shot at an award of up to $450,000 to develop a foster home module for ALL animal welfare and rescue-related organizations to utilize to continue this life-saving mission.

If we secure the wildcard spot and make it to the finals, we’ll present our pitch, video and go through a Q/A with the investors. The Innovation Investors will then collectively agree on the amount of investment to grant each of the three organizations pitching their ideas live on stage. From the hundreds of idea submissions across the country, two finalists and seven wildcard contenders were selected. Doobert is vying for the third finalist spot. The Innovation Showdown aspires to encourage ideas that will change the landscape of animal welfare.

Doobert revolutionized animal rescue transport and now we’re focused on building tools to help foster home programs across the country! We want to help more organizations and save more animals!

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