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Find the Best Pet Insurance on This Marketplace | Pawlicy Advisor

find the best pet insurance on the pawlicy advisor marketplace

Want to find the best pet insurance for your fur babies but have no idea where to go? Pawlicy Advisor is your answer!

A pet insurance marketplace, Pawlicy Advisor is a pet care financing platform that operates the same way as Kayak or Priceline. The difference is that they help you look for affordable veterinary care.

According to Woody Mawhinney, who serves as the CEO and co-founder,

“We help people navigate their options and choose one that’s the best fit for their pets’ individual needs and ultimately saves them money not only today but over their pets’ typical lifespan.”

Getting Started With Pawlicy Advisor

If you’re wondering how Woody got into the pet insurance space, it all started when he adopted his first furbaby, Wrigley.

Although he was the happiest pet parent when he got Wrigley, he didn’t know that his furry best friend was actually prone to a lot of different health concerns.

“I remember going to my vet, and they got really excited to see my new animal. Then they asked, ‘Have you thought about pet insurance?’ And I said, ‘No, I’ve never heard of it.’”

At the time, Woody was a Homeland security analyst. Being pretty good with numbers, he took pride in being able to navigate Google to look into pet insurance.

However, he admitted that it wasn’t long when he began researching the topic that he felt like he was in way over his head.

“I couldn’t tell what was best or why, or how many options were out there. Then when my animal ultimately came down with a very serious health condition that a lot of his breeds are prone to get, my vet handed me basically a bill for $200 that I would have to pay each month just for his medication.”

This incident made Woody realize the value of pet insurance pretty quickly.

Finding the Best Health Insurance With Pawlicy Advisor

pawlicy advisor pet insurance

Seeing the need for an insurance product that will help pet parents navigate their pets’ care, Woody believed there was an opportunity to develop a platform that will simplify their experience.

And this is what they’ve tried to build with Pawlicy Advisor.

“We found that over time, as we’ve onboarded more and more partners, we can save people up to 83% over their pets’ lifespan doing the analysis that we do. So, [there are] really tangible savings that people can receive looking at their options on our platform.”

If you’re curious about how it works, the good news is that you can complete the steps in five minutes!

All you need to do is enter your pet’s details in a simple form, and voila! You now have 100+ quotes at your fingertips.

Next, compare the top pet insurance companies you have in your options and filter them out based on your preferences.

Once you’re done, you can now purchase the pet insurance policy that’s perfect for you!

When asked how they make money, Woody said that they only do if and only if you hold on to the policy that they recommended.

So, if you’ve had a bad experience with your initial policy and choose not to go through with it, then Pawlicy Advisor won’t get anything.

“It’s really important because it fosters trust between us and the pet parent that we are going to do a really good matchmaking process… So, we look at pricing and all that and essentially give you what we think is the best option to save you money.”

Learn more about Pawlicy Advisor!

Visit their website at

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