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Epigenetic Biomarkers As A Proactive Approach To Pet Health Care │ EpiPaws

Epigenetic Biomarkers As A Proactive Approach To Pet Health Care │ EpiPaws

An animal’s age can tell a lot about them. For starters, it can help estimate their average life span, the pet health care they need, and the type of behavior you can expect from them. Also, knowing their age can help you gauge whether they are slowing down or developing a health issue. 

According to EpiPaws, a trusted pet company, becoming aware of your pet’s age will help you learn to be more proactive regarding their health. Now, what more is there about pet age you should know about? 


Age Is Not Just A Number

Epigenetic Biomarkers As A Proactive Approach To Pet Health Care │ EpiPaws

EpiPaws is a company that aspires to innovate and make a mark in the pet health care industry. They aim to achieve this by using epigenetic biomarkers to estimate a pet’s age, detect early signs of diseases, and help improve their longevity. 

“This company focuses on bringing epigenetic biomarkers to the pet space.”

According to Andria Beal, the CEO and founder of EpiPaws, their company’s first product is a Pet Age Test Kit, which can help estimate your pet’s age and decipher whether they are healthy. Learning this can put things in a clearer perspective, allowing you more insight to help you implement necessary changes in your pet’s life. 

With the Pet Age Test Kit, you can determine the food they should eat and the amount of exercise they need. Additionally, knowing the age of your pet can aid in narrowing down the meaning behind the behavior or symptoms they are showing. 

 “Things like that can drastically change pet healthcare.”


Register and Be Part Of Their Research 

Epigenetic Biomarkers As A Proactive Approach To Pet Health Care │ EpiPaws

EpiPaws is conducting research that can help bring epigenetic biomarkers into the pet market and space. They need willing participants for their cutting-edge and revolutionary research. The reason for this is because it involves developing a helpful monitoring tool pet owners can easily use at home. 

“I was adapting this new technology to estimate age and making it an affordable and implementable tool.” 

Signing up for the research is easy. You can register your pet on EpiPaw’s official website. You will only need to answer a couple of questions about your pet. After that, the company will need a sample from your pet to use as data points for their study. Most likely, it will be a mouth swab that they will send to your address. 

Follow their instructions closely and send it back to them once you are done! Participating gives you free access to whatever they may discover about your pet. That means if they find that the markers correlate to a disorder or have any other issue, you will be the first to know! 

“I strongly believe that with epigenetics, we’ll get to a point where we can see things coming and even avoid things from coming and prolong life.”


If you are interested in buying the Pet Age Estimation Kit, visit EpiPaw’s official site. Use the proper code – DOOBERT, and you can attain a 10% discount on your purchase! You can also contact EpiPaws if you need more information about the test kit or the research.

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