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Listen to Inspiring Dog Stories As Told By Pet Owners │ Rescued By A Dog

Listen to Inspiring Dog Stories As Told By Pet Owners │ Rescued By A Dog

Are you a self-professed dog parent who loves to listen to podcasts while commuting or relaxing? Laura Thomas’ Rescued by a Dog is a podcast that will certainly pique your interest and tug at your heartstrings. Not only does it feature inspiring dog stories that can bring back the good in your gloomy days, but it is also the kind that serves another purpose:

“I hope it will change some hearts and minds about rescues.”


Hear Inspiring Dog Stories Like No Other

A podcast is a new form of media that has become hugely popular over the last decade. People of all types listen to them for various reasons—whether to pass the time, zone out during a task at work or block out noise on the subway. With the enormous interest in podcasts, there is one for everything, including dogs!

Rescued by a Dog is a podcast centered on telling stories about dogs that have helped save the lives of their owners. Laura Thomas, the producer and host of the podcast, came from a story-telling background. She had a long history of working at National Geographic before switching to Austin Pets Alive. Being a hard worker with a passionate heart who wanted to help, she burnt out quickly and was forced to take a break.

During this period, she decided to embark on another project and path — podcasting. 

It didn’t take Laura long to figure out what her main focus and content should be. She decided immediately to share astonishing and inspiring dog stories that could move the listeners’ hearts.

“So, these are the rescue stories that I think are transformative for people who sort of worry that rescue dogs are just broken toys — and they’re not.”

With her podcast, she told several stories and narratives about rescue dogs helping their owners in varying degrees and different scenarios. From a remarkable story of a woman being saved from a rattlesnake to an uplifting one about a cancer patient who gained hope from her dog. Those and more can be listened to for the first time in Rescued by a Dog podcast! 

“People had been vulnerable with their stories.”


Help Celebrate Rescues With Rescued By A Dog Podcast

Dogs, indeed, are amazing creatures. They can indeed touch the hearts of humans and even make a huge difference in their lives. It is rather unfortunate that not everyone can appreciate them.

“Everything that we can encourage empathy towards animals, I think, makes this country better.”

Rescued by a Dog is a podcast that can bring more goodness to the world. Fortunately, it is starting to pick up now. Thanks to social media, finding guests with stories to share is now easier. However, as Laura said, the platform still needs to grow to reach a broader audience. 


You can now listen to Rescued by a Dog on all podcast apps and platforms — Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon, Google, and Podcast Addict. You may also visit their official page at Buzzsprout.

Laura also posts on TikTok and Instagram, primarily short snippets and videos every week and pictures of the dogs they feature in their episodes. If you want to share your stories, you can send them through email:

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