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Episode 27 – Part 2, Stephen Wells, Animal Legal Defense Fund

27 Steven Wells_FB

27 Steven Wells_FB

Stephen Wells is the executive director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Stephen founded and served for six years as the director of ALDF’s successful Animal Law Program, which provides support and resources to ALDF’s law professional and law student members. The ALDF organizes law firms across the country and coordinates pro bono opportunities for attorneys and firms to assist ALDF with its mission of protecting animals. Stephen joined the ALDF in 2000 and eventually took the leadership role of Executive Director in 2007. He has committed himself to animals and environmental protection and continues to lead the ALDF to make significant changes in laws supporting animals. We continue the podcast from last week with part 2 where Stephen tells us how the ALDF is in it for the long run, their methodology for state rankings in animal laws, the biggest accomplishments of the past year and where animal law is headed and so much more! For more information on the ALDF you can visit their website here,

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