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Five Chihuahua Puppies Transported 1,082 Miles by Doobert Volunteers


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Five Chihuahua puppies transported 1,082 miles by Doobert volunteers

Tuesday, June 21st, Doobert volunteers came together to transport five nine-week-old Chihuahua puppies from Leland, MS to their new home in White Plains, NY., an animal transportation system based out of Pewaukee, WI, teamed up with Animal Rescue Flights to bring the rescued pups to the SPCA of Westchester where they can receive care until their adoptions.  The puppies needed to be flown since a long road trip would have been stressful for them.  Volunteers came together to help the puppies through their four flights to New York.

“Doobert’s level of attention to details carries on the high standards that Animal Rescue Flights has been known for,” said Clark Burgard of Animal Rescue Flights regarding the partnership.

The last leg of this special freedom ride was covered by a local NBC affiliate for a “Clear the Shelters” series.  With this series they will highlight the volunteers’ dedication to rescuing animals and saving lives every day.

“ is proud to work with awesome organizations like Animal Rescue Flights, Inc. to help organize animal rescue transports,” says Chris Roy, founder of “We know that together we can save more animals and are excited to be the platform that is used by thousands of rescuers to save animals.”

Volunteers use the custom-built software on to save animals by volunteering, fostering, and/or transporting animals.  This software helps solve the most difficult aspect of coordinating animal rescues: transportation.  With, animal lovers around the country come together to bring animals to their forever homes.

Volunteers and organizations can sign up for free to rescue more animals at


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